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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hyderabad Trip - Day 1 - 27th October 2006

Day 1: 27th October 2006

We were all ready to go. At college, I met Cindy in the morning at about 9. Not many people had arrived, even though we were scheduled to leave at 10am sharp. We went to the food court and got some snacks to have along the way. At around 10, everyone was in the bus, excluding one girl. We waiting for this woman to come till 11:30! The whole schedule was screwed up.
Time: 1:45 pm
We're on the Goa-Karnataka border in bus, and everyone's panicking. The engine is releasing a lot of smoke and Tracy is really scared. She wants to get out. The volunteers have told us to calm down and sit in one place till the engines fixed.
We reached Belgaum at 2:30pm, and had a great Lunch at this Hotel they booked for us. From there, we caught a train at about 3. It was a lot of fun hauling the luggage onto the train and finally getting on the move. It was quite a blast!
In the train, we had Biryani for Lunch (I HATE Biryani, but I'm not picky, so I had a little). The food portions were enough to fill elephants! I swear! No exaggeration! Later at night (still in the train of-course), Ishan, Teli, me, Trace, Venessa, Genevieve, Cindy, Ian, Ohin, Leane and Karl played dumbsheeraz. It was too much fun!!! Phir Ian played the guitar for u, and we sang. There was no time to read my book! We were playing till 10 pm, and then everyone was forced to get back to their compartments and go back to sleep. I went right to the top bunk to sleep! I slept really well! Cindy was talking in her sleep though! Hehe!

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