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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hyderabad Trip - Day 2: 28th October 2006

Day 2: 28th October 2006

I wake up at 6 when everyone's awake by 5! I looked down and noticed that all the beds were EMPTY!! Ian pulled my hair that was hanging from the top bunk. Got up and brushed my teeth and hair (yeah, in front of the guys!!LOL!!!) All the guys came to our compartment again. We played Dumbsheraaz - AGAIN, and Broken Telephone!!! Was real fun!! And next thing we know, we're told we're at Hyderabad! We're told to start packing. It all looks great outside, except that - IT STINKS!!! (of rotten eggs! Sick ol' chem-lab H2S! Urgh!!) We get into a bus and reach the hotel in no time! It's the 'Pearl Regency' Hotel! Cool place! really good rooms!! We went roaming about to all the rooms! Twas good fun! Watched Tyra banks on Zee Cafe'! (Yes! You heard me right, there's cable too!) Mum's gonna kill me for not calling up. :-s N right now, Cindy's gona for a shower, so I'm waiting for her majesty to finish having her headbath! Guess who my roommates are? Cindy of-course, some other chic named Sonia (she's pretty nice) and a girl who pissed me off for shoving paperballs in my shirt, namely - Cheryl! (She's asking for my lyrics book right now + watching TV + curiously looking at what I'm writing) X( She does NOT wanna mess with me! Okays! I'm gonna go for a shower now! We're planning to go to Golkonda fort then, and a sound and light show after that, so see ya! :D:D Oh gosh! These people are watching some age-old hindi serial on Star One! A knock! Brb! No, catchya later! Bye!

//after golkonda

Ok! It's like 11 pm here! Alisha and Cindy are here and we're clicking snaps! Even of Cindy posing 'sexy'! Yup, listening to VH1. The day was great. We went to Golkonda, which was AMAZING! The fort, (I heard) was one of the first to be built without machines. It's HUGE, with a circumference of - (guess?) 7kms!! ( 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It really looks AMAZING! Clicked a lot of snaps and climbed a lot of steps! (I'll show you the snaps!) The acoustics were also amazing! The sound and light show was stunning! We were more involved with the rain! (That's right, it was drizzling slightly, and was dark and COLD) and we were FREEZING! (We're definitely gonna die in Snow World!) Oh ya - Tracy might catch a fever - scared for her, she's real delicate. Already started sneezing. :-s My hands were ice too, thank god I wore my hat to keep my head dry (or the healthy 'mahanut' would get a migrane). Ian and Ohin craked great jokes (whispering "We're in Hyderabad" in our ears as if we didn't know). Ian called our Merwyn's name! LOUD! (the dude has guts damn it! Princi actually looked behind!) We were drenched by the time we got to the bus! We were just talking, and it took us AGES to reach to the hotel coz the traffic was HORRID. There was a bus next to ours just 2 cms away! (hyperbole'). At the hotel, this fancy ("responsible") woman (You got that right, I'm talking about the KEY-KEEPER Cheryl) gives the key-card to someone else who's not even in our room!!!! Sucker! X( I had to go to find her and get the keys from the reception to get into the room! (fussy roommates!) When we reached, we watched Zee Cafe' again. (It was at 8:30) And then at 9pm, we went to the top floor to have dinner (which was astonishingly, brilliantly, shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully delicious!) Trust me - it doesn't deserve that much praise. I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as the trains biryani with chicken (Teli called that crow meat) and also better than lunch at Belgaum yesterday! :D Oh ya!! Sonya and Cheryl have disappeared to the neighbours room [much to my disappointment (sarcastic)] and Alisha's here! YAY!!!!!! A great roommate!(I mean it!) We just had a photoshoot! (sorta!) and we've put on VH1 in the background. Hopefully Ally will sleep in our room tonight instead of the key-keeper and the other female (we sooo love them now, don't we? ;)) Okays, guess I'm off for tonight, bet I bored your pants off! So pick 'em up!!!!!!!!!! cya!

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