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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Choir class and Politics

"Your have no clue what's happening to the fields!!!" I yelled.
"Arrey that's Babush men!! Not congress! Babush left congress! He's in UGDP now!"
"Okay lets just drop the topic." I said, frustrated.
"Yeah sure" she replied, adjusting her bag strap.
Meand my friend Samantha were chatting about Goan Politics. I had just finished my Choir class with her, and during the class, I had a huge debate with my choir teacher about Politics.
My choir teacher, miss Jean, is a woman of substance. She looks round 55 - 60 years old, but she acts like she's 25. :P Miss Jean has strong views about many things.. Her views are exactly contradictory to mine.

This blog is about Goan politics. Does that make you close this window and read something more pleasant? Hehe! Yeah.. That used to be the way I was. Who wants to read about it? Our country's gone to the dogs, lets face it. NO. It hasn't. We're the future of this country, and we sure ought to know who to vote for when we're older. I can confidently say that 80% of the next generation will be voting for the same parties their parents voted for. I mean - your parents will obviously tell you good about the party they vote for, right? Do u know what other parties have done? Do u think twice? I never did. It's just now that I've started thinking about this.
This blog's about the little that I found out in choir class in that debate with my teacher. I'm just one of those people who hates talking about politics. The problem with me is, I hardly read the papers. I hate reading the newspaper.

My parents have always supported BJP. I've heard and seen what changes the Goan BJP (mainly sir Manohar Parrikar - x-CM of Goa) has made in Goa - the success of the IFFI in approximately 6 months of late notice, the infrastructural development, and peace. Last year, however, the winning party was the congress, and Rane became the CM. He has not changed anything, but neither has he done anything wrong. According to me, the CM is voted upon to make good changes in our state. He seems useless. I guess you must have heard the controversy about the regional plan in Goa. Obviously, like the rest of Goa, I am strongly against it. The regional plan meant cutting down of large forest areas for developmental purposes. This Babush guy (the bloody dog), signed it, and he's one of the most corrupt politicians in the country. He's been bribing people to vote for him. He offers them houses, expensive vehicles and gifts, and ola! he's got a huge bunch of votes for himself. But c'mon guys, if you know that he's such a dog, why do you get bribed?
As my friend Apoorv says, "If you get tempted, take the bikes and flats and whatever, but don't vote for Babush na?!"
Hahaha!! He is soooo right. I just don't get it. I'm glad that Goa's people are still ready to fight for our state. There have been rallies and protests against the regional plan, and because of all the opposition towards it, the government has finally decided not to put it into action.

I hope our Goans are gonna be strong enough to fight against any bullshit brought up by the government, like the regional plan. I hope, that before it's too late, we stop Goa's transformation to a metro like Mumbai. A metro, a crowded place packed with malls and theatres in every small city, and the morning air with a fresh smell of smoke...

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