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Thursday, June 7, 2007

(J) Cocktail of Channels

Dad, Rahul and Preeti loved watching television. The three of them always fought as to who will watch what. Their mother wouldn't interfere with their fights. Each one would snatch the remote and keep changing channels. Rahul wanted to watch the cricket match, Preeti wanted to watch the cookery show and Dad the Political news.

This is what their mother heard one day:

In the parliament today...Nehra bowled his first over...and is washed away in boiling water....The finance minister...went straight into the hands of Tendulkar...and is sliced into pieces.... Mr. Krishna visited...Anil Kumble who is now going to...break the egg and...the leader of the opposition party...is hit on the face...which will now turn red in two minutes...during the zero hour...both the umpires...are fried golden brown.
We now end the news bulletin...by calling Dravid...to peel the

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