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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life's Hard

It's funny how at one moment, life is heaven. Bliss. And a few days, it's hell. You hate living it, it's frustrating. As you grow, u realise everyday, the complexities of the world. How friends live for each other, how parents treat their children, n how they're misunderstood. How some people are not fortunate to have a good family, some who are deprived of love. Some who need you, and you only, and some who you need, but cant get. Some who hang on, even after they're thrown off cliffs by life. How each day brings a new lesson, how time passes, with happiness and sorrow everyday. How one lives for another, just to see a smile on their faces. Faces that hardly experience joy, or the feeling of being loved. And somewhere, in your heart, you love them for needing you, and being so weak. Yet, you can't bear to see them that way.

Life gets harder when you're living for someone other than yourself.


alok agrawal said...

very well said! that is truly the gist of life...life in nutshell.

the closing sentence ensures one to spot for a while and think what life is...

good keep it up !

Nik said...

Thanx.. :P