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Friday, March 21, 2008

Eco Class

How to I start? Okay, I'll intro Sir. Dhiraj..

Sir. Dhiraj is my economics professor at college.. He's a really really nice teacher! He's really good with students and he's great at teaching eco - that's IF you listen to what he says.. The only problem is, everyone takes advantage of his sweetness.

Sir. Dhiraj will give you attendance when you need it, he will cover for you or stand up for you, even if he gets blamed for everything, and he'll let you talk quietly or even use your cellphone when it's banned in college.

Today there was this big fight between Miss. Sumedha Kamat, the Konkani teacher and Sir. Dhiraj.. Actually the matter was - These too guys named Hassler and Abhishek were making so much noise in her class, she told them to shut up if they don't wanna pay attention, or get out of her class and that she'd give them attendence. So they did! And now she denies that she told them that she'd give them attendance! The witnesses? - whole class! So soem of the guys went and complained to Dhiraj, and he just asked her about the matter and she fired him off! :steaming: Well that's one time he got fired for no fault of his..

Another time, about a week back, Sir. Sanjay Naik, the Hindi teacher told Naela not to eat canteen food 'cause she'd get sick. Apparently Amogh went and told Dhiraj this, and instead of firing Amogh, Sanjay Naik went and fired Sir. Dhiraj!

There are many times where I have felt like kicking the guys sitting on the last bench of our class out. They have absolutely no respect for Sir. When everybody else wants to concentrate, these guys will be playing with their cells! :pissedoff: It's so PISSING OFF!!!! :pissedoff: And h can't do anything about this. Even if he wants to give a remark, he won't, coz he cosiders students to be his friends..

My question is, if you were in his place, would you prefer maintaining a good relationship with your students, or would you rather teach as a teacher only (not as a friend) and leave class? Either your students, or colleagues. What?

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