I'm a Goan woman, working in Mumbai as the founder of a studio called Totem Creative. I try to make the world happier, safer and more meaningful. I believe education, knowledge and awareness, art, writing and creating Social Impact are my means to achieve that end.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Finally edited my description on facebook and orkut. Here's the intro to me to u deviant users! =P

Hello! =)
There's loads to say about me, but I'll start with this. I've got black hair, like any other indian. Light brown eyes. I have an extremely disgusting artificial voice, and loads of pimples popping up on my face all the time. I'm very straight forward. Stubborn.. =( I love food, photography, art and music. My backbone is freakishly superficial, you could count my vertebra if I bend. Yes, defective, you could call me. :sarcasm: I'm unusually annoying when in an argumentive mood. I'm an introvert and extrovert, an idealist and realist rolled into one. My boss, (if I had one) would call me lazy. I love sports, technology, books, and biology. I'm not creative, I lack ideas, but I'm kinda good at portraying them.. :blushes: I don't like doing nothing. Shopping is fun, if not done regularly. I'm very dreamy. I'm crazy about animals with fur :heart:...except rats! I hate insects and reptiles.. :puke: I'm revengeful, bit forgiving if you apologize. I love preserving moments and saving memories. I need my space, always. My friends rock. Too much to tell, but - it's not hard to figure me out. =P

Oh.. And I can't stand smokers, excessive drinkers and abusers.

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