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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three mistakes of - A Roadtrip?

We saw the signboard, and went straight ahead...The turn would go back to Porvorim, my place. We were in Calangute now, and skipped the correct turn accidentally.. And there there was a junction, a fork. The left road went to the highway to Porvorim.. Course, Ap and I couldn't go.. We didn't carry a helmet, and the cops would fine us. Supri could on her bike, she had one.. But she was coming along our way. And Pris and Aakash, riding at 5 km/hr lagged somewhere far behind.
""WHAT??!! You guys are still there??" screamed Supri.
We had gone for a short roadtrip from Betim to Aguada Fort, just coz Ap had returned to visit Goa from Pune. He was homesick, and we all wanted to go somewhere further than silly-ol' Panaji.

As we stopped near the signboard, we called them asking where they'd reached. So here we were, making the first mistake. We turned right. It wasn't a wrong decision - just that it would go to Betim and you wouldn't need a helmet that way coz it wasn't the highway. Ap argued, saying that there wouldn't be cops at that time. It was 7:30 I guess.. So we went that way, and we passed by all the roads that we already took from Aguada.. Supri got freaked, thinking we were running in circles.

I waited for the turn to Betim to come, it was further ahead.. But Ap noticed another turn, one we hadn't taken before. Another signboard to it said "Panaji", so Ap convinced us to take it. That was the second mistake of the mix-up. We took the turn, and rode for maybe 2 kms. The road just went on and on. We asked someone on the whether it went to Panaji, and they said yes. So we continued. There came many junctions, where we asked the people the direction for Betim. By now Supri was freaking out on her Access 125, and Ap and I rode on the Dio, hoping we were on the right track. Supri kept confirming with us, she didn't want a wrong lane. Ap re-assured her saying this was a short-cut going to Betim.. BIG lie.. Ap's a master at lying. Poor scared Supri partially fell for it, but I didn't want her to misconceive so I told her it went to Betim, but it wasn't a short-cut. "It would be so much fun if we got lost on our way tomorrow eh??!! :D" Supri had said last night on the phone. I teased her about it, making the tension decrease. Ap skipped over from my bike to hers, hoping she'd feel better having company to ride. I suggested it, knowing the fear she was feeling. I hated to admit it. We were getting lost. We landed near a narrow road, dark and deserted. A man at the previous junction told us to take this road to head home. Where were we?? And why were we here? We discussed and regretted our earlier mistakes, playing the 'blame game'. I asked a guy whether it went to Porvorim/Betim. He said it was an inner route, but it would get there eventually if we just went straight. So we did..

At this point of time I was completely scared.. There were absolutely NO street lights, and the road was completely deserted. There was NO civilization here man!!! Fear can really get you when you're alone. All this time Ap was on the bike with me, so I felt fearless, but a sudden panic grew inside of me. I calmed myself, telling myself that I'd have to be the smart re-assuring-fearless-friend to Supri and Ap. Yes, he was beginning to freak out too. I missed my bike - Kia. I secretly labelled Ap's bike Leo, and spoke to him along the way, feeling a little more courageous. We kept moving straight, as the man said, even with all the church-landmarks and turns. I was going purely by instinct. One the other bike, Supri and Ap gave me looks of fear-filled doubt, and I returned an assuring look, even though I was shaking in the knees.

Finally we came to a road where there were lights and houses... "CIVILIZATIIOOOONNNN!!!!!" I screamed, and we exchanged grateful looks. The road ended near the temple in Betim. "Smile please!!" I said to Supri, as she wore a HUGE 32-teeth-wide smile, with Ap speeding ahead happily, knowing my place wasn't far off.

When we got home, Ap and I had orange juice, and Supri washed her face. "Some Vodka with that? It's called a screwdriver" I joked, as he sipped his juice. "Screwdriver? Lol!" said Supri, playing with my dog.
"Why yes please" he said, smiling. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Seriously!"
"WHAT? No. For what? Getting lost?"
"No! I just wanna - "
"NO!" I said.
"You guys serious??" asked Supri.
"Yeah!" said Ap
Yeah, he was. So I added 3 teaspoons of tripple distilled vodka to his glass, and Supro tasted 2 spoonfulls too. I got tempted and tried a teaspoon. And we celebrated over this 'adventure'. That's if you've taken it positively!

So that was the story.. And now I've had a fresh shower and ordered a non-veg extravaganza and pepperoni and cheese pizza from Dominoes.. You see, I've got a 'buy-one-get-one-free' offer coupon. How, might be another long story, so maybe some other time? Coz my pizzas await me.

Are you wondering what the third mistake was? Hell knows, maybe me making my friends Alcoholics! Lol! ;)

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