I'm a Goan woman, working in Mumbai as the founder of a studio called Totem Creative. I try to make the world happier, safer and more meaningful. I believe education, knowledge and awareness, art, writing and creating Social Impact are my means to achieve that end.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Incident

"EAT SHIT!!" he screamed.
"Eat shit balls!" Darren replied.
He was SO pissed off, and so was I. Little did we know that it would create such commotion.

It was the 28th Oct, and I hadn't given my old friends a treat coz I was in hostel during my birthday.. So we'd gone to Dominoes for dinner that night.. After an amazing day and a good conversation over a good dinner, the five of us left Dominoes at 11pm.

We were standing over the tiles that lay over the drains across the road.. There was a 95 degree turn from Panjim church to Hotel Rajdhani, were a red car was driving at 60. We were busy talking about old days, and stood right at the corner very close to the pavement. The man had at least 4 metre space to turn.
Since the jerk was driving at 60, he felt insecure about turning, and honked at us loudly just when he was about 2 metres away from us.
"ASSHOLE!" I screamed. I was SO pissed off!!
His son, sitting on the front seat, a boy of maybe 14 screamed "eat shit" to us, and Darren replied in fury.

The man abruptly stopped with a jerk after taking the turn (n almost knocking us down) just to show how mad he was. he stepped out from the car, his wife sitting behind shouting how disrespectful we are (when her own son sat in the front seat shouting curses).

There was a HUGE argument over who was right n who was wrong between the five of us and three of them. We were not even standing on the middle of the road, and this ass started talking about how shameless we are being teens n hanging out LAAATE at night (11pm) on the road! That was none of his business, and ti was totally not related to this incident. The lady behind screamed out curses at us, and I screamed back. Darren me n Rahul were full-on arguing with the man, who wa sacting like such a dog. Ap n tapple stood behind watching.. Ap joined in a little later too.. We were SO furious! He did nto have to honk so loud and it was his mistake to drive at 60 on a 95 degree turn! X(

Soon many people started coming and a car n 2 bikes were stopped behind the man's car. There was chaos. Some asshole actually took their side! However, most of the people there were siding us coz they knew where we were standing - almost on the pavement! The man started talking about sending us to the cops, and darren told him to go ahead n that we could do the honours for him instead.

A neutral guy finally came n put us apart n told us to stop fighting and go home.. I wanted o make sure the stupid man knows what I'm talking about. I was so pissed my eyes began watering with anger.

Soon people realized it was pointless teaching the asshole and his stupid wife. The traffic cleared n the man left in about half hour.

Moral of the Story, says mum n dad, was:
1) It was their mistake
2) Pointless arguing with someone who doesn't want to listen
3) Losing your temper is losing control of yourself
4) We should've stood on the pavement, not coz it was wrong to stand close to it, but coz others can make mistakes.

I wish for once I could seriously put him, his wife and his bloody disrespectful son behind bars.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost my birthday

So it's the 21st and there're a few hours left for midnight.. I pretty much don't care out here coz things have been so rough for me lately n I really don't think it'll be fun.. n all these years spent in goa have totally accostomed me to having fun with friends and family, and more over, enjoying my day.. Come to think of it, it's my eighteenth birthday n it doesn't even feel like it.

I feel like just walking in crowded place, unnoticed and totally to myself, praying no one would notice me, wish me. This place is pretty strange, and with strangers too, who'd just wish you for something in return.. Or probably as a formality.. but that's that, and I've somehow made up my mind not to enjoy myself out here.. =P Coz I'm going home.. the day after, and there, I can be myself. Free, happy, and I can totally enjoy myself.. With the people I love, n the people who care. I'll dream of my driving license, my electoral card, and finally become a major in all my debit/credit cards.. =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bee-Ant

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!" she screamed.
"Dude! Do you know how to kill insects?" asked Namrata.
"OMG no!" I said.

Namu found a HUGE BIG ferocious monstrous looking guy with two BIG compound eyes and wings. A huge red bee-ant landed on her bed and she fearfully went around asking people for help. The person - the 'Terminator', was none other than Poulomi Mehta. Polo came looking lost into room 308, looking around for the dangerous monster, n there it was, staring at poor Namu with its huge eyes as she squealed in sheer terror.

"EEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!! Kill the damn thing, just kill it!" she screamed to Polo, who went around looking for a pair of slippers. She smashed the pair on the bug, but it flew n landed on Namu's pillow. Namu squealed even louder as Polo frantically tried to crush the flying bee-ant.
"Dude squish it dude! Please!!"
"Arrey it's flying everywhere!"
"Gimme a tissue or paper n put it on the bug, I'll sit on the damn thing!!" she screeched.

I, peacefully working in my cubicle roared with laughter at the chaos. Name came up with innovative ideas to grotesquely kill the creature.
"Dude it's not dying only!" said Polo after smashing slippers on the bug a million times.
"KILL IT NOW!!" she screamed.
She went off looking for Neelam, who was cluless about the disastrous situation in namu's cubicle. She found here outside on the phone.
"No! Don’t use them, not my Nike's!" she said.
Namu picked up the choicest shoes of the lot - ones that looked capable enough for the murder. She handed it to Polo, who bravely smashed it on the bug - one of her last desperate attempts to help Namu get rid of it. Namu squealed and ran out of the room, and the bug flew from her bed, to Neelam's pillow.
"Don’t squish it! I'll be sleeping on that tonight!" she yelled.
"I'll give you anything Neelam please!! A new pillow-case, bed sheet, anything! Just kill the fucking insect!" she howled.
"No! My pillow!!"
"Bitch! The thing is killing me mentally dude!"

So now the fate of the creature lay in Neelam's hand. She made her decision. Neelam's gathered her osho n floater and pressed the bee-ant on her bed sheet.
"Dude if this fucking thing doesn't die RIGHT now I'm giving it to the laundry n it can drown there n die bloody!" she planned.
The bug, under high pressure, was flattened like a Chapatti and its inner fluids penetrated through the thin fibers of the bed sheet’s threads. Neelam's face distorted in disgust and she felt victory.

The bug was washed off in the dirty MIT Girls Hostel bathroom, where it landed in the drains. And 'course, the bed sheet in the laundry. And that was the end, of the big monstrous red colored bee-ant, who was, as we all know, just out there. Minding his own business.