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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bee-Ant

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!" she screamed.
"Dude! Do you know how to kill insects?" asked Namrata.
"OMG no!" I said.

Namu found a HUGE BIG ferocious monstrous looking guy with two BIG compound eyes and wings. A huge red bee-ant landed on her bed and she fearfully went around asking people for help. The person - the 'Terminator', was none other than Poulomi Mehta. Polo came looking lost into room 308, looking around for the dangerous monster, n there it was, staring at poor Namu with its huge eyes as she squealed in sheer terror.

"EEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!! Kill the damn thing, just kill it!" she screamed to Polo, who went around looking for a pair of slippers. She smashed the pair on the bug, but it flew n landed on Namu's pillow. Namu squealed even louder as Polo frantically tried to crush the flying bee-ant.
"Dude squish it dude! Please!!"
"Arrey it's flying everywhere!"
"Gimme a tissue or paper n put it on the bug, I'll sit on the damn thing!!" she screeched.

I, peacefully working in my cubicle roared with laughter at the chaos. Name came up with innovative ideas to grotesquely kill the creature.
"Dude it's not dying only!" said Polo after smashing slippers on the bug a million times.
"KILL IT NOW!!" she screamed.
She went off looking for Neelam, who was cluless about the disastrous situation in namu's cubicle. She found here outside on the phone.
"No! Don’t use them, not my Nike's!" she said.
Namu picked up the choicest shoes of the lot - ones that looked capable enough for the murder. She handed it to Polo, who bravely smashed it on the bug - one of her last desperate attempts to help Namu get rid of it. Namu squealed and ran out of the room, and the bug flew from her bed, to Neelam's pillow.
"Don’t squish it! I'll be sleeping on that tonight!" she yelled.
"I'll give you anything Neelam please!! A new pillow-case, bed sheet, anything! Just kill the fucking insect!" she howled.
"No! My pillow!!"
"Bitch! The thing is killing me mentally dude!"

So now the fate of the creature lay in Neelam's hand. She made her decision. Neelam's gathered her osho n floater and pressed the bee-ant on her bed sheet.
"Dude if this fucking thing doesn't die RIGHT now I'm giving it to the laundry n it can drown there n die bloody!" she planned.
The bug, under high pressure, was flattened like a Chapatti and its inner fluids penetrated through the thin fibers of the bed sheet’s threads. Neelam's face distorted in disgust and she felt victory.

The bug was washed off in the dirty MIT Girls Hostel bathroom, where it landed in the drains. And 'course, the bed sheet in the laundry. And that was the end, of the big monstrous red colored bee-ant, who was, as we all know, just out there. Minding his own business.

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