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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Last Bite

Have you ever eaten something forcibly and then pushed yourself to such a limit that you can't eat the last bite? That's what this short blog's about.

Sometimes you have these amazing meals.. Heavy, but AMAZING! Like LASAGNA!!! Now who doesn't like good ol' garfy lasagna? But then sometimes it gets so heavy, that you eat n eat n eat n eat n eat n.. Well.. You get the point..
Today morning at the mess, I had SO much upma. N then I thought I could definitely finish all of it.. So I ate n ate n every spoon became such a task for me. I just gulped.. My speed decreasing every minute. Tanu watched a few times, but didn't notice any change in my appetite. Finally it all came down to that one last bite. *Urgh.* I thought.. I looked at it apathetically.. "I can't eat this" I sighed. Tanu raised and eyebrow n said, "It's only the last bite, no biggie!"
But it wasn't the last bite for me. I had been struggling to finish it off since ages, n maybe the previous 10 bites were my 'last bites'!
He seemed pretty clueless after I explained all this to him. Do guys know what I'm talking about?
The next time, try overserving yourself and then forcing the extra servings down your throat till you can't take it no more!


Mamu said...

We do understand...and we sympathize:)It's like those times during huge family gatherings where granma, aunts etc try to cram "ani ek" ladoo,puri or some other artery clogging dish down ur throat....u know u've had enough but just can't get urself to stop

Anonymous said...

Totally.. haha! You know exactly what I'm talking about then! n they keep saying "mauteh zaoche na!" to me. Well, I know it won't make me fat, anyway, lol..