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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Punk was worrying about going to Hadapsar when we had some much more work to do.. She had to get her passport snaps clicked and there's no civilization around us.
Days passed, but the workload never became less. It only increased, and we just had to keep working day and night. Occasionally I strummed on my guitar n got the song 'Broken' by Seether (Feat Amy Lee) right. I was so glad.. Playing the guitar got rid of some of my huge amount of stress. Each day got depressing, and we just slogged and slogged.
The faculty kept on pushing our patience. It was mental torture to even think of the work that we had to submit. Deadlines turned shorter, and life seemed pointless to me. Punk and I individually got thoughts, that maybe we both weren't even made for design. I kept on dreading that my future would go to the dogs and I would be chucked out of college for all my late submissions.
Even though we had so much to talk about, Punk and I silently kept our thoughts to ourselves.

A few days later we watched a movie with the film club. The club showed some brilliant movies which had a social meaning to them. Punk and I just became members that day, and the movie was kept as suspense. Usually the club put up notices of the name of the movie that they were screening. When I went to the canteen with Tanveer that day, the notice just read:"BE THERE!"
Everyone was eager to know the name of the movie that was screening. It was 'The Dead Poet's Society', starring Robin Williams! Most of us hadn't watched the movie but Raina had told me that it's a 'must watch'.
The movie was brilliant, and it mad us think a lot.. About our lives. About proper expense of time. About what we doing with our lives.
That night Punk and I confessed our worries about staying in the institute. Whether we deserved to study here. I don't know what made her say all this, 'cause actually she's way ahead of me. I'm the lazy, bored one who's not hardworking. She started getting homesick again, 'cause she realised she had chilled and watched a movie after a looooong time.

I decided things should get better. I decided I wouldn't care anymore, whether I'm submitting stuff on time or not. Cause all I got in turn was a lot of depression and aghony. So I finally made fun of the fact that I had too much work left to complete.
It's so easy to give up. But for me, it was harder than I thought.


Mamu said...

Hmmmm...that's how i used to feel during my 1st year in engineering, then i just got smart and stopped caring.BTW, here's something that might cheer u up->Why men don't write advice columns

Nik said...

Lol.. Dude it matters.. n then you just think over how much u suck n stuff.. :(

Lol! that link's damn funny!