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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scrap 2

Punk ran from the bathroom to make it in time for lunch. It was 1:45 and the mess would close in 15 minutes. As she passed by my corridor I stuck my head out the window and screamed, "Madam! I'm waiting for you only! Hurry up!"
By that time she was in her room changing. Punk can be so fast.. I strapped on my watch. I hated to lose track of time. Especially since the time lost the cellphone.

"Eat fast!" she said, as I disgustingly swallowed the horrible mess' bhindi bhaji. "Train choot rahi hai kya?" I asked. She sighed with the guilt of being such a workaholic. When we reached the hostel she ran in with a brown package in her hand. "Eat this when you're REALLY depressed." she said. It was dark chocolate! Moreover, it was homemade. I was suddenly high and felt encouraged to work just by looking at it. Punk was in a hurry. She was going to college. On a Sunday! She wanted to finish her clay and P.O.P (Plaster of Paris) cube out there.

The following evening went pretty lazy, as it should have been on a Sunday. Nuts was getting crabby with her cough, and I was in a very teasy mood. Nuts coughed like she was choking.
"Cuhff cuhff! cuff cuff!!" I imitated.
"Ha ha. So funny." she said, removing something from her cupboard.
I was rolling on my bed, laughing at my own pathetic joke.
"Why do you think I'm laughing so much?" I replied.
I started rendering my 10 sketches, which were supposed to be submitted a week back. Pathetic. All just pathetic.

That night, Tanu, Nuts and I walked our usual path outside the mess. A short line or two about work was said. Obviously none of us were happy with all that we'd finished.
Later as we reached hostel (a place I now call 'home'), Nuts wanted me to teach her some geometry. But as I cleaned some stuff, she felt adventurous to ask for my Rollerblades. She washed her feet and tried them on, and fell to the floor minutes later, laughing at the thought of me going in my pyjamas and bathroom slippers to the mess. Maybe a few years later we'd talk of these times that we had in hostel, and how it was. If there WOULD be a 10 years..

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