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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scrap 3

We were called to the O.H.P room the next day for a presentation. Punk called me to sit in the front, so I joined her.
"Not there ya!" Tanu shouted, already picking a chair behind. "What if I sleep?" he asked.
"I'll wake you up." I said, partially confident of my words.
The hustle just didn't stop. Students kept coming in every 5 minutes, disturbing professor Arvind. "I think I'll just lock this," he said, walking towards the door, exptending his hand to the doorlock. "So that noone can come in, and noone can go out." he stated.
He started his intro on the presentation on visual language.
Punk, typically, immediately started jotting down every word he was saying like a Hermione.
Surprisingly, I fell asleep instead of Tanu!
"Those who are sleeping please wake up!" sir hinted. Someone shook my chair and these was a little hustle. A few hours later the class was half asleep, and sir just went on with his presentation. "Please stop me if you don't understand 'cause you have to make compositions on these topics and laws of Gestault." he said, loudly.
The end of that line made every talk loudly and get back to their normal self and wake up. There was some mumbling and then every was back awake.

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