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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Class 2

Of-course, one takes his time to fit in and be one of the best. I think I'm still at the struggling stage, though probably not struggling enough. And Alok, on the other hand, had his hard work being paid off. Bubbles seemed distracted as always. Writing, thinking, lost in her world of her own pure reality, unlike me, who was permanently in fiction. I walked around class, observing everyone's work, which always seemed far better than my own. I had a very pessimistic approach to everything I did. Sometimes, some people seem to have such perfect lives. Great work, great friends, brill with sports, singing, acting, dancing, you name it..but I wondered if this was just an unreal thought of mine, another way to see that the grass was greener on their side. What they would have to go through to make it that way, I did not see, or understand, but it was probably very hard. Arvind and Akshat seemed so brilliant at everything. I couldn't ever think of comparing myself with them, moreover, their work. Somehow competition never affected me, positively, or not.

It was annoying how easily I'd get distracted and wander outside class for some fresh breeze. How quickly I got bored with an assignment, and had to see everyone working on it with interest. Maybe I was an I.D person. Hell knows the countless number of times I felt my decision was incorrect.. But I couldn't imagine myself doing anything but animation.

Like Shivani said, sketching would improve in time, but it was more of the art of story telling. I could live with that. :)

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