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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Late Nights and stress-laughter

Yaaaayyyy!!! People I found it!! I'm so glad this wasn't corrupted in my pen drive! Hope you guys enjoy the read, and moreover, the ficticious memories! :)

24/ May/ 09

Chi looked at the computer while transferring her pictures to the pen drive. She had the expression one would have when they saw a picture of their dog after long. However, it was obviously misinterpreted by me. She was actually disgusted with the way Ranka sang. It was a pity that he sat next to her while he listened to his music. She had to listen his besura voice. Often she’d come along complaining. And the hours of stress and prolonged exposure to the computer screen made us go out for walks or to drink some water.

One of those days, Chi turned left and slapped Ranka right across the face.
He looked right, and asked stupidly – “What?”
She raged with the utmost disgust and self-pity. “Your voice sounds like a rat being killed.”
“So?” he asked.
She didn’t know how else to make him stop.

They were the nights I’d get severe migraines. Punk would roam around after short periods of time with red eyes, moaning about the workload. Soumya would cope up by talking to her would-be boyfriend Sam. Suddenly we heard a loud bang; and then another one, in rhythmic beats. Yes. Ranka did have the habit of banging his table over and over while listening to his music. But this time I was wrong. It wasn’t Ranka. It was Alok. He was smashing mosquitos 2 rows of computers ahead. I guessed everyone was going crazy. Lately it was happening to me too.

Madhuwanti had left her cell phone in the mess next to us after her meal, and forgotten about it while leaving. “God, she forgot AGAIN”, I sighed to Lipee and Soumya, looking at Madhu’s phone. I removed my cell phone from my pocket and started messaging her – “You ass, looks like someone forgot about their cellphone”. Her cell beeped next to me. It hit me a minute later how stupid I was to remember that she had forgotten her cell phone and could not receive my messages. These are the things that happen to MITians; lack of sleep leads to an overdose of madness. And sometimes, something we term as ‘stress-laughter’.

This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and locations portrayed, and the names herein are ficticious, and any similarity to or identification with the location, name, character or history of any person, product or entity is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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