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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A series of unusual events

25th May, 2009

Some of you might have heard this story already, but this is for those who were there, who lived through it, and for those who never got to hear it.
It was 4 days before our juries. We were sick and tired of working. Suddenly I thought of going out for dinner. I’d had enough of living on processed foods for breakfast and a horrible dinner in the mess. It had brought about lack of appetite in me.

So the plan was made. Miti was planning to come too, but she cancelled out last minute, thinking of the workload and the lack of time. I realized that I might not have got to eat out again until next semester. It had been a while. Thankfully Chi and Lipee were sporty enough to think over it and agree later, and Soumya joined in later. For the first time, we left the hostel at 8 PM. As we had our dinner in Pizza hut in Fatima Nagar, we realized that there was nobody to say “Madam – time ho gaya” to us. It was bliss. We didn’t bother about the time. For once, we could eat without worrying about the time. The meal was amazing!
We got out at around 10:30. Little did we know that this would be one of the craziest nights of the semester. All four of us knew somewhere that there would not be any tum tums to drop us back from Hadapsar. We knew there might not be a bus to take us to hostel, or even Hadapsar for that matter.
But we didn’t worry. Big bazaar was closing. There were men all around us, and we were the last customers for the gola shop, after which it shut down too. We sat there eating Gola’s like fools! It was so spontaneous. We weren’t even bothered about transport. It was really late, and yet we were sucking onto our Golas. Chi and I looked like normal people with pink lips, but Lipee and Soumya’s lips had changed colour. They looked like prostitutes, and we looked like people who wanted to pose with them.

So here we were, clicking crazy photos at 10:30 PM, men all around and no tum tums to go to hostel. When we were done with the Golas we finally caught a Hadapsar bus. Luckily they were still there.. Chi felt like acting stupid for once, cause she never gets to do that with retarded people like me. She got on to the back side where people generally step on, and we three got onto the front safely. There were people pushing and shoving here, so she decided to get in front the front while the bus was moving. After she got in, a small boy actually willingly offered her his seat. It was really shocking.

But the most scary part was when we got down, knowing that we would not get a tum tum. The last tum tum was full of some 16 people, and there was no way we could get in it. We wondered what on earth would help us get back. And then, suddenly out of nowhere, the professor we loathed the most turned up in a van – yelling to us to get in. We didn’t know whether to get in or not. What would he think of us? We paused for a second as his car moved ahead. He kept waving. Did Sripad Kulkarni be the angel for tonight?!! This was so crazy. What would he think? Four girls, out at night at 11 PM in Hadapsar, way past hostel timings, FOUR days before our jury. What would he think about us? What if he turned up in our Panel and screwed our case? We didn’t really have a choice! Shocked as we were, we ran towards the van. He moved to the front seat and asked if there were more of us. We got in in a hurry and the car moved ahead quickly. We were so shocked that we didn’t utter a word. Ironically, he didn’t ask us a single question about why were we out way after hostel timings alone in Hadapsar. He got down somewhere in the middle, and we reached to college safely, wondering whether everything had REALLY happened.

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