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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maximum Retail Price

As I relished every bite of my icecream, I read the price on its wrapper. The man there had charged me Rs. 20. the MRP showed Rs. 15. I frowned in irritation. He must have thought of me as a stupid girl - whom he could easily cheat and get a few bucks more from. As I nibbled on, I thought of ym revenge. But I was too tired to get up, and argue with him. It would be completely futile, and my icecream was probably worth 20 at that point. But he had cheated me; and I couldn't just sit there, letting injustice win over my guts. I had plans fro his sorry ass.

I hurriedly gobbled the the last few bits of my chocobar, and looked around near the counted to see if that man was still there. I stood from my seat, climbing down the bus. Had a full on heated conversation (ahem..*argument) with him on the MRP of my icecream. His reason for cheating me was like any other. "Madam idhar aadhe time electricity ahin milti aur cooling charges bhrane padte hain." he defended rudely. And that,, such shaky defence. "Aapko nahin chahiye toh math kharidiye." he said, indifferent. The ass didn't get it. All of them had miserable excuses for making a few extra bucks from dimwitted cutomers. But I wasn't one of them. I felt my fists clench for his face. My face might've looked red. I had never seen defeat like this. he refused to give my 5 bucks back. I walked back to the bus, cursing his shop and business. He had told me people were ready to buy from him, and that if I had a problem, I shouldn't have bought it in the first place. I cursed myself for being stupid. What kind of brainless oaf was I? I sighed, and walked back to my bus, trying to forget.

Let's not shut up and enjoy our icecreams.
Let's fight back.

Moral: Check the MRP and buy it at that rate.

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