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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Mornin'

So I sat there, thinking of how awesome his work was. I got demotivated. I texted my friends, hoping they would find an answer. Alok and Punk replied something irrelevant. Unexpectedly, considering all the rush she would be in thanks to her brother's wedding preps, Bubbles replied the perfect answer.

"Wht shd 'i' b feeling girl?? Thinking of animation even when i hv horribl, least cnfidnt, out of proportions, least strokes. N dspite he bein awsm, u knw he's4graphics.His most wrk is goin2b imagery.Nt animatd.So he puts it up on fb. Simple! R u4graphics?No.wd n wrk, n put it up on fb just to look gd on fb?Nahi. Mag?Pisaat.introspectn is gd. Dnt let it ruin d bgining of diwali,yedo.hv fun wid ur famly.they lau u4whtvr u r.dnt4get me. I lau n2:)

"Aww." I thought. That was enough to help me pull myself together. Beatles! I put on their awesome music, the ac, and my stress-relieving stratergy - cleaning the room! I think in somebody else's eyes I might've looked like Mrs. Doubtfire. The room was spotless in about an hour. Mum would be so proud of me. Ran downstairs, made some limejuice for mum n gran. Great beginning.
Finally, I'm on a roll!

So I'm gonna go sketch soon, and bind those reference books asap. Make a movie maybe, and write some experience. Get hold of a bunch of old photos and make a memorable album. I'm not gonna let it be drab.

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