I'm a Goan woman, working in Mumbai as the founder of a studio called Totem Creative. I try to make the world happier, safer and more meaningful. I believe education, knowledge and awareness, art, writing and creating Social Impact are my means to achieve that end.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So many questions left unanswered. What is Italy’s drainage system like? And how come they hardly have any street dogs?
It was pouring outside. India decided to welcome me with the thing I liked most about it, the thing that was void in most other countries – monsoons. The fresh smell of wet mud and moist humid breeze; a dark gray cloudy sky and droplets of rain on my face, nothing could beat it.

I smiled at the airhostess as she said ‘thank-you’. It would be nice to receive a smile from a perfect stranger, a genuine one. I always thought air hostesses had one of the most boring dull lives one could ever have. I was home, I had lots of plans, and one focus. I knew where I had to reach.

I stuck my head outside the window as we got into my car. My old dusty car seemed a hundred times better than that sick grimy vomit inducing Fiat Panda that we rented in Italy. Old cars smelled (ANY DAY) better than new ones. The wind almost pushed me back into the car, and I could almost stick my tongue out like a dog. It was awesome. Nothing feels better than home when you’ve been away for very long. Thoughts cluttered my head of the millions of choices I had when I’d get home. Delicious home food, meeting relatives, meeting friends, photography, gesture drawing at the marketplace, hitting the beach, eating bhel, but more than anything at that moment my body was crying for rest. So I decided to hit the bed before anything else, allowing myself to forget how filthy I was.
*Sigh* I have a good life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waiting for people

15th June 2010

Another thing that I completely despise, is waiting for somebody for many minutes (Yes, I do get turned off by multiple things). Waiting for someone to put on their lipstick, or switch off the lights, or lock the doors before leaving, and especially look around to check if everything in the house looks kept; and the award for the most to-be-waited-for-person goes to...............MOM. To top it all she suffers from psycho-disorders like ADD and OCD. She keeps fidgeting around at everything and has to straighten a slightly tilted painting on the wall, even if it’s not her house. And all of this comes to her head when I am WAITING.....
Chi, I don’t know how you do it, every single morning. For all those awesome friends who waited for me, for even more than less than 6 minutes, I am extremely sorry for such pathetic behaviour, and I vow not to do it to you, again. :(

Motion-sickness for the lady

14th June 2010

We spent all morning driving 50 km and back. That’s a 100 km; just to see a lake, called the Bry lake (no I won’t forget the name of this one); and why? Because, it’s the second among the only two things a tourist can do here!!
I HATE cars. I HATE the smell of them, especially a new one! They smell like dusty fake material and diesel and heat and all of that put together it smells worse than lizard shit; and mind you! I have smelled lizard shit. Accidently, while it was dropped all over my layout sheets in class while I was cleaning one day. I was stuck there in the backseat sleeping, trying to drive my sickness away, and the roads were twisted, and so was I, in that horrible backseat. I could feel excess of bile juice being secreted by my liver and all little bits of egg I’d had in the morning was about to be thrown up from my oesophagus. Ugh.

You know what is the worst thing when you’ve got motion sickness? Vomit. Mr. Vomit wants to come out of you and it just doesn’t, leaving you nauseous and puky. I was being rolled and pushed around in the backseat, and I was letting myself being rolled and pushed, because I had no energy in me to stay in one place. And worst of it ALL, were those SICK flesh-digging red-bruising things – those seat belt thingies, that pressed into my skin so that those 100km seemed like 500km. I HATE cars. Did I mention that? I HATE long-distance drives, and this is exactly WHY.

Magic Recipe

15th June 2010

Everyone seems to have this special thing; this magic recipe for any kind of mood swing, grumpiness, depression or stress. Music, silence, talking with friends, cooking, getting a massage, cleaning, or going for an awesome bike-ride (Tanu, I think this will work for every bike rider, not just yourself).

But honestly, the day the earth is gonna be submerged in water, and earthquakes would kill us all, I’m going to spend my last few moments eating and feeding others ice-cream. All the delicious flavours of the most cold refreshing creamy bit of ice-cream. You can never have enough of ice-cream; especially Gelato, here in Italy. It is the most wonderful sweet sour tangy creamy thing you can ever have. To those who’ve never had a real Gelato – you’ve really missed something.