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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magic Recipe

15th June 2010

Everyone seems to have this special thing; this magic recipe for any kind of mood swing, grumpiness, depression or stress. Music, silence, talking with friends, cooking, getting a massage, cleaning, or going for an awesome bike-ride (Tanu, I think this will work for every bike rider, not just yourself).

But honestly, the day the earth is gonna be submerged in water, and earthquakes would kill us all, I’m going to spend my last few moments eating and feeding others ice-cream. All the delicious flavours of the most cold refreshing creamy bit of ice-cream. You can never have enough of ice-cream; especially Gelato, here in Italy. It is the most wonderful sweet sour tangy creamy thing you can ever have. To those who’ve never had a real Gelato – you’ve really missed something.

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