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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motion-sickness for the lady

14th June 2010

We spent all morning driving 50 km and back. That’s a 100 km; just to see a lake, called the Bry lake (no I won’t forget the name of this one); and why? Because, it’s the second among the only two things a tourist can do here!!
I HATE cars. I HATE the smell of them, especially a new one! They smell like dusty fake material and diesel and heat and all of that put together it smells worse than lizard shit; and mind you! I have smelled lizard shit. Accidently, while it was dropped all over my layout sheets in class while I was cleaning one day. I was stuck there in the backseat sleeping, trying to drive my sickness away, and the roads were twisted, and so was I, in that horrible backseat. I could feel excess of bile juice being secreted by my liver and all little bits of egg I’d had in the morning was about to be thrown up from my oesophagus. Ugh.

You know what is the worst thing when you’ve got motion sickness? Vomit. Mr. Vomit wants to come out of you and it just doesn’t, leaving you nauseous and puky. I was being rolled and pushed around in the backseat, and I was letting myself being rolled and pushed, because I had no energy in me to stay in one place. And worst of it ALL, were those SICK flesh-digging red-bruising things – those seat belt thingies, that pressed into my skin so that those 100km seemed like 500km. I HATE cars. Did I mention that? I HATE long-distance drives, and this is exactly WHY.

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