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Sunday, November 21, 2010

An a-sexist society

I have always wondered why I've never come across any great disney female animators on their movie's credits. It always pissed me off that we, women, never made it up there. I had to find out why. After doing

some research and finding some treasure too, I found out that disney didn't even take women in their learning programs. When female animators asked why, disney didn't answer, but said instead, that women were

to do only the manual work (told to be done on a daily basis) of inking and cell-painting. Okay, those times were different, women weren't given previliges, blah blah. What about now? After more digging I

realized men have a goal and they run for it. For fame, for money, or to feed their families. Women, on the other hand, have goals, have dreams, and run for them - until their man provides them with kids, which

they solely take responsibility for over their professions. And why is this? Because they are lazy? Because they lack creativity or intelligence? No. They're expected to 'compromise'.

It wasn't until some serious thinking that I finally came up with this conclusion.. We still live in a male dominated society; and the worst part is, this doesn't just apply to the lower classes of women (who are quite

helpless with no education and no physical strength to work or defend themselves), but even in the small mindsets of the middle class communities. For some weird reason I've started to notice this fact more than

I would, normally. Maybe it's my ego (yes, incase you didn't know, women do have egos), or maybe it's actually getting worse.

As noticed, for the common man of today, masculinity is all about having muscles, women (for entertainment purposes and to take care of the children they bear them with), and a bunch of porn movies.

Sometimes, there is also a competitive strive to make more money and be more intelligent than another man. Of-course, I'm not talking about ALL the men in this country. I have met some extraordinary (not

really, but I would label them so because they're better than the rest) guys who don't give a damn about the common MAN's opinions on masculinity.

How many men actually read a novel after knowing the author is a woman? (forget a novel, I doubt men will even read this article unless it's got something about sex.) I actually overheard someone in crossword

once, saying "Oh, it's a female - must be a cheesy lovestory eventually." Some of my male friends find it stupid if another male friend cries over a movie. They think that all movies that have blood, dirty sex, or

intelligent plots are made for men, and the romantics are made for women. Cheesy lovestories are not for men, and violence is not for women. Why do we say son of a bitch? Is it only the woman who can be a

slut? Is it only a woman who makes babies? Today even cooking is a crime for a guy. Wow. It's disgusting. I find these men truly insecure about their social status, or so concious of what people think of them that

they would do anything to fit in the criterias - including making some of their own. I even saw this publication the other day - a series of biographies of great personalities. There were some 10 lists - leaders,

freedom fighters, philosophers, inventors, artists, etc. Among these 10 lists full of names of great men, there was only one seperate list for women. I don't want to go into the details of how capable we were in

history, or even present times, but I know nobody will know about us, because we wouldn't bother running after fame much. Let me be clear once again, I'm not attacking the male population. There are some

great men out there waiting to make a difference, but I'm talking about the majority of men. There're a bunch of bimbos on the womens side too to negate everything I've been talking about. (No doubt about that

- a lot of women around me worry about what they're wearing instead of what task they would want to do by the end of the day.)

Conclusion: Nothing more. This is the state of things and if any change is desired then there's not much women can do. It's still upto the men. After reading this, people might consider me a feminist. I probably

am, but I'm probably just one of those people who dreams of a a-sexist society.

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