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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Patience while claymating

It's the 9th day of claymation. Pressure from all sides. Backlog, jury, 2D project, portfolio, lack of assistance or support from faculty, and to top it all, lack of time to have a second go and a test that went wrong. It's not like I'm losing interest.. More like I'm losing patience. I dunno if I would really like to animate in claymation. But that's with everything I do. I don't like animating something unless it comes right. 2D seems SO much easier now that I've done claymation I realise I can undo in animation. I can trace the previous frame, hold it, change the lighting, sharpen a line, it's all so much easier. Phew. Claymation ki jai ho! Vaibhav, I bow down to your talents. Have no idea how claymation studios - esp. studios like Aardman do it. They must be really patient people. The camera man is boring, but you have to pay good attention to the minute details - cracks in the clay, armatures being seen, shadows cast or moved. Overall the team has to be strong, and put everything else aside and put the shoot at top priority. There are no undos here. No shortcuts, and no Ctrl Z. That's why it's so hard.


Rohan said...

i wanna see the movie.. put it up on something..

Nikhita said...

ain't done yet! Doing post production n its taking ages. Will post it immediately after completion.