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I love Animals, Nature, Art, Relationships, Sports, Technology and Stories.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ride on

Step off the curb and jump on the bike
Are we going for a ride or going for a hike?
The breeze is good, and the sun is warm
Let us embrace till the winter comes.

My 20 year old vehicle, needs a kick start
Jump on the seat, I'm up for a ride.
Here we go,
the cows block the road,
a car honks from behind my back,
I ride on,
I ride on, I ride on.

Flicks of hair brush my face, the wind blows
a hurricane of particles in my eyes,
it blocks my sight, but I ride on.
He paints his walls and measures how tall
the plants grew in that old goan backyard

Touristswalk in semi-nude fabrics,
I swallow in a visually colourful sighting
of bags and shorts hanging on racks
Non-localites selling stacks.
I ride on, this summer is sweet.

I halt, she talks to me in local tongue
Talkative me, I suddenly see.
Did I miss the Konkani,
Did English serve sufficiantly?

I sing this song, I'm on the bike
The vehicle rattles on potholes deep
The greedy greedy government's greed,
But I ride on, ride on, I ride on.

Smiles, smile to me.
Windows open pleasantly,
I turn back now, I hope to see
All the memories flash back to me.

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