I'm a Goan woman, working in Mumbai as the founder of a studio called Totem Creative. I try to make the world happier, safer and more meaningful. I believe education, knowledge and awareness, art, writing and creating Social Impact are my means to achieve that end.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


24th dec 2010

At my bedside lies the significant signs of a sick person. A ceramic coaster with a green mug filled with haldi milk, made from the warmth of the best father in the world. Tossex, the addictive pink cough syrup that turns green phlegm into transparent sputum, and a book lent from a close friend - 'Tuesdays with Morrie'. My tableside lamp is yellow, and my rug is thick, and I realise I'm still in one of the greatest places to be in the world. A place called home.

When I woke up today, I woke up with one thought. That I could do whatever I pleased, and that I was free as ever. I could sleep the day off for all I cared! But I did my homework, sorted out some stuff on my planner, watched some great Vimeo videos and hoped to purchase a Canon 7D someday. Next thing I know I'm out pajama shopping with mum, and on the way I meet my uncle and later mum's student, who is a professional photographer. Assavari's her name. As we chatted about her work she talked of her poor 30D camera crashing on her. I felt sorry. Wonder what it's like to break a camera that's been faithful to you for 5 years. But then she gave me news of how she recently bought her....7D!!!!!!!! Daaayyym.. I thought. Lucky pig. I hit the market, bought my urgently-required slippers (a bright yellow sole with aqua straps), and a blue T shirt. Clicked a few photos after an amazing fishy-sizzler dinner and headed to my cosy yellow room.

My sister, Raina, will be home tomorrow morning. Generally it's her, sleeping with the thought of my arrival the next morning, waking her up from her sound sleep, but this time it's the other way round. It's Christmas eve, 11:45pm. Around 12 the sounds of fireworks come from across the river from my balcony, and I forget that I'm in Goa.
For me, this is not a tourist destination. For me, this is home.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Vacations.

[Wooow... under-surfing the social network a.k.a: Facebook made me recently discover the Quasar 5 page! Had no idea there were just 38 days to go! Wonder how cultural evening's gonna happen; haven't noticed any auditions around.]

Home is so blissful. Of-course I am welcomed by Flu, a Chest full of sputum and of-course Mr.wretch of a wisdom tooth that is currently tearing through my gums, making it's place in the world of...my jaw. It's IMPOSSIBLE to talk, chew, or indulge in any of the long-awaited food cravings. As Ravi would say it, "Nice...very nice." Argh. I wish I could extract it RIGHT now (but it's not even out yet).

Well, happy vacations to all, and hope you guys have a fun new year and an overdose of rest.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Whiteboard of Quotes


"People always go from your life to come back again." it said. The good quotes in the canteen seemed to know the inside story of everyones lives. From the time I read one of the first - "Faith is the bird that sings even when the dawn is dark", I was curious to know who wrote these quotes. It wasn't some mysetery that I had to solve. Even if it was, it wasn't hard. All I had to do was ask Manoj Bhaiyya who wrote them everyday.

But somehow I didn't want to know anymore, who they came from, where they were read from, and who made them up. Somethings are best left unknown, and maybe that's why I keep the curiosity up and high, awaiting the next line that would appear on that whiteboard in the canteen. :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To the newbies in MIT

They have already planned your grade, they have already graded you in college courses - and you're just another student whose work they want to show to the externals.
You are told since the beginning of sem one that juries are taken for the purpose of knowing you, your growth in the duration of 6 months, and a constructive feedback that helps you move forward; But sometimes, in this 'expected-to-be' formal presentation, when it's all about them respecting your work, you panel will eat in front of you, laugh at some of your work sarcastically and sometimes call your work kachrapatti. Talk of juries being 'professional'.

After spending much time you see - juries are just a formality. So to all you guys who really want a good jury, present it with an open mind, expecting the worst and giving your best.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Distracted Brain.

2nd Dec 2010

Why is it that I get distracted the most only during jury time? I wrote the time on the table. More than what I was writing I watched the lines that were being drawn, the lead grazing on the texture of the table. I wrote the time.7:29 pm. I would start working right....NOW. But I got distracted by the doodle on the table. I spent 5 minutes shortening her hair in 3 layers, something that changed her personality drastically. Random thoughts flowed in my brain after I was done decorating her. She looked like she could be a character in corpsebride. I looked around. Monica Vicky and Alok were working, and here I was talking to myself. Monica's lightdisc was in her hands, and I thought - hey, you can animate anywhere. All you need is a pegbar. You don't need a light disc, or a capturing table. I thought of making many films. I thought of writing this down. And I think now, as I write this down, hey, I could make a movie out of this. Infact, if there was someone shooting the sequence of events right now, shooting me typing this, shot by shot shooting my actions, I could make a movie out of it. Screw planning. Screw all that knowledge and research thats done so monotously before making something - even for the fun of it. All you need is the desire to have fun. I look back at the time. It's 7:44 now. Shit....

That could be a 17 minute movie.