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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Vacations.

[Wooow... under-surfing the social network a.k.a: Facebook made me recently discover the Quasar 5 page! Had no idea there were just 38 days to go! Wonder how cultural evening's gonna happen; haven't noticed any auditions around.]

Home is so blissful. Of-course I am welcomed by Flu, a Chest full of sputum and of-course Mr.wretch of a wisdom tooth that is currently tearing through my gums, making it's place in the world of...my jaw. It's IMPOSSIBLE to talk, chew, or indulge in any of the long-awaited food cravings. As Ravi would say it, "Nice...very nice." Argh. I wish I could extract it RIGHT now (but it's not even out yet).

Well, happy vacations to all, and hope you guys have a fun new year and an overdose of rest.

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