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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To the newbies in MIT

They have already planned your grade, they have already graded you in college courses - and you're just another student whose work they want to show to the externals.
You are told since the beginning of sem one that juries are taken for the purpose of knowing you, your growth in the duration of 6 months, and a constructive feedback that helps you move forward; But sometimes, in this 'expected-to-be' formal presentation, when it's all about them respecting your work, you panel will eat in front of you, laugh at some of your work sarcastically and sometimes call your work kachrapatti. Talk of juries being 'professional'.

After spending much time you see - juries are just a formality. So to all you guys who really want a good jury, present it with an open mind, expecting the worst and giving your best.

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Rohan said...

I would suggest don't take jury as evaluation.. It is not.. It's a platform to show off.. So just show your work.. Focu on why is it the way it is rather than what it is.. This is atleast for industrial design as you can't change anything in jury then Atleast sell what you have..