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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The art of losing things

29th Jan 2011
12:17 am

My heart thudded as I saw it lying there on the tile, alone with an empty coffee cup. Someone had left it there, and the first thught that ran through my mind was that this was my cap. It was my lens cap coz there was nothing besides it. No camera no case no person. Ravi had said I would find it back. He said he was my lucky charm. Bullocks, I had thought.
I grabbed the lenscap and my face muscles pushed into a grin. My cap.

I ran down the staircase, grinning to every face I passed. I removed the phone from my pocket and dialled Ravi's number. It rang thrice. I waited. Ring ring, and then Ravi answered, "hi tell me". "RAVI!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, "I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT!!!! MY LENS CAP!" Now he must've thought, gosh, this chic, she keeps losing and finding things. He's never seen me losing things and not finding them. "Where?" he asked, and I told him my story. "Wow! You see, I told you I'm your lucky charm!" he must have been grinning. I clutched the lenscap to my chest as I walked (or almost ran) to the hostel. My pace was like flight, and I climbed the staircase 5 floors up faster than I nornally did, staring at the cap in my hand. So I guess I'd stolen it back from the person who stole it from me. I wouldn't have to look for that authorised Canon store, and I wouldn't have to pay 300 bucks for a new one after all. What a waste of my worring.

I thought of what I'd just done. I had stolen my cap back from someone else; but what were the odds of this cap belonging to someone else? A voice echoed in my mind, "Did I do the right thing, puppa?".

As I reached the room I noticed the letters embossed on it. Canon, in shiny metallix Silver. My Cap..it was silver matt finish...Under the letters was embossed in Caps Italic and gold, Ultrasonic. I could't remember my lenscap having those letters. My cap was simple, in black and silver matt. This one was almst elite, a mismatch - like it never belonged to me. I frowned, looking down.. Had I literally stolen someone's lenscap?

I tried hard to connect the wifi to my laptop. It wasn't getting detected and I needed to check my facebook album - "First shots with Canon". I found it funny that I had never been SO desperate to get on facebook, but I needed to know if this was my cap.
I found a picture of my lens cap. It was a simple round object with 'Canon' beatifully embossed on it in silver.

I paused and stared at the frame. It was there. This was not my cap. I sighed, and gave myself a half smile. My fingers typed, "Ravi, it's not mine.. I'll give it back."

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