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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Passing thoughts on Eating.

14th Jan 2011

We stepped in and then ordered the food. Jahnvi - the local dhaba was going to shut down. As the food came, En gobbled spoons down like Puppa. I looked at him, then looked at the food. En had a peculiar way of eating his food. I was thinking, does this guy know what's going into his mouth? Does he taste it before swallowing?
I could smell the bits of spring onions at shredded chicken in fried rice, the coconut from the chicken malabari, and the butter on the roti which Tanu was eating. Vicky looked miserable eating a bland veg pulao, that had no distinct smell. "What're you looking at?" En asked. "Oh nothing." I replied, realizing it was rude to stare at people eating. I looked around to notice that none of them really looked like they were tasting it. It was funny how my brain travelled through thoughts, changing in milliseconds.

Well. I guess we were just hungry.

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