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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scraps 1

At lohri:
Anonymous: Hey get ur camera!
Me: Eh. It's in the class.
Anonymous: But your class is on this floor!
Me: Yeah but it's locked..
Alok: So jump in through the window!
Me: *bored face*
Alok: You're ridiculous.

In the comp lab:
Ravi P: Hey where's the projector?
Alok: Yeah it's in class.
Ravi: Oh.
Alok: It's locked man.
Me: So jump in through the window!

*Ravi n alok walking out of the lab*
Alok: It's boring.
Ravi: It's boring? you just have to jump in dude.
Me: Mahahahaha!

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