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Monday, February 28, 2011

Allopathy n Naturopathy?


Today I learnt a new phrase from The Times of India: VEXATIOUS
LITIGANT. The news item on the front page reads: "A lawyer who dragged his estranged wife ... to court in a record 115 cases has been stopped in his tracks. The HC admitted the petition ... by Maharashtra advocate general Ravi Kadam to declare Kazi a vexatious litigant."
(Kazi is that lawyer fellow who has been filing 115 petitions against his wife.) I want to use this phrase. I declare Sir Vinod, Sir S Halagiri, and Sir Hemant as VEXATIOUS LITIGANTSÂ against Allopathy. And I declare Sir Arun a VEXATIOUS LITIGANTÂ against sanity in general.

Dear Sir Bhatla,
Thank you for awarding me this honorary degree (V.L.). Does it also come with a cash prize?
It is not easy fighting this Goliath called Allopathy that milks all Americans (even healthy ones via taxes) to the tune of over two trillion dollars every year, most of which is worse than pure waste. My problem is that the real Mr. Allopathy is not a member of this forum and is not obliged to respond to my litigation even once, let alone 115 times. I wish someone could actually litigate against Mr. Allopathy in a real court of law for all the countless lies he promotes 115,000 times a year.
Of course, we do have many strong supporters of Mr. Alloathy on this forum, starting with you. But in the end, it is not even about allopathy vs. non-allopathy because no system is best for every situation. The ideal system would integrate the best of all systems, but since each system, especially allopathy, has become so provincial, it would not even acknowledge the existence of effective alternatives. At Kaiser, a doctor would not prescribe a home remedy to her patients (e.g., ginger/honey/turmeric for cold/cough) even though she prescribes it for her own family members. Why? Because the gods of allopathy will frown on her and she may get fired.
Incidentally, people (especially us IITians at this age) don't learn anything significant from a casual discussion of most topics. They usually have well thought out and strongly held opinions on most subjects. Therefore, lines like "Allopaths are the Men of Medicine and Naturopaths are mere Boys' may make for good poetry, but don't help in any practical way. It is only when people's long-held assumptions are challenged in a substantial debate, that they are forced to think deeper.

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