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Monday, September 26, 2011


Super tiring day. Woke up. Gym. Breakfast at the mess. Ran to college, the juniors who're publicizing HiVE kept calling to ask me if they can put up the poster, and so did Ishan for film club. So I ran to Dean for permission to print it. He says he wants to see the HiVE. I had a few changes to be made and then when I went up to make them I realised the file was overwritten and I'd have to do it again all over. HELL. Why did this have to happen? So I started all over and Brat came to help me. Met Ogale on the way who suggested sending the HiVE to Kyoorius to print it. Agreed. Ran to the class, showed Ishan the poster, put it up. Ran to lab, finished HiVE, took a print out and went to show it to the dean. He left. Showed it to Vinayak and luckily he signed it! Thank-god. He even read a few pages and laughed! :D Finally we went to the printer to print them but the paper got over. :| So the printing's postponed for tomorrow, by which time the juniors will finish putting up the teasers. Ran to canteen at 5.30 to have lunch. Ran to projector in 15 minutes with the movie and the trailers on it. Hosted Mary and Max, showed a friend from N.I.D around. Alok was disappointed bout not being able to show anything, and then we went for dinner.
She's my favourite character. Her name's Vera Dinkle, she's Mary's mom. She'd probably be your favourite too if you watched it.

That's Mary. Mary Dinkle.

And that's Max Horowitz.

So now basically I'm mentally and physically EXHAUSTED. Need sleep now! Am lagging like crazy in Maya. But for what it's worth, I had a great time today and I hope I can help and inspire a lot more people through what I do.

That's all. Gnight. Maya-time tomorrow.

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