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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, 17th October

01:58 17-10-2011

Well it's really been a long time since I made a journal entry. Today was a sunday. In a few days we'll be leaving for Chitrakatha and hopefully its gonna be an unforgettable journey. Maya has been going on forever and I have been in distress with the animation. So much, that I actually had to talk about it to Chandan sir, who told me that if I really truly wanted to practice pre-prod I'd have to work on it side by side, and that the indian industry doesn't NEED amateurs in the field. What they need now is animators, 2D or 3D, and the edge I have over the rest is my 2D base.

Today started out with the mess breakfast. Ate aloo paratha and chocos. Managed to finish my entire tray. I love Sunday breakfast. Went to coll, was watching Grey's Anatomy, playing the addictive fb game called Adventure World. It's pretty, love the graphics. Today was the "Shuffle" pre-quasar event. I really missed it. If I'd been better I'd go - or so I'd been telling myself today. I never miss this kinda stuff but I wasn't well. I haven't fully recovered from my cold, which turned out to be tonsils, bronchitis, and a climate change infection. Luckily I went to the doctor just in time. There's a decent doc in Loni, next to Shantai. We've returned the bike, so we've gone out less. Also I lost my debit card and later my wallet. Another traumatic event in my life. :( I can't seem to stop losing things. Anyway, I'm over it now. I'm forgetting the expensive new pink tetra pack wallet I bought from Either Or, the money in it, (Rs. 500), the credit cards, and worst of all - my license. Dunno how I'm gonna get it back. Hoping that I have a photocopy at home. Later today Alok and I played a lot of T.T after having some coffee and biscuits. He was low over maya and all its uncertainly. We've started becoming more drab. Anyway, the T.T totally worked, and we played a whopping 10 matches! He scored over 10 in 2. Lol! No, but he's getting better at it, right binge? He can spin sometimes, and I can't do that till date. I'm sure he'll make a decent opponent. We had dinner at the mess, and got back to the lab. I browsed a TON. Saw some seriously inspiring artwork online, a lot of blogs and a lot of story blogs, interviews and tutorials. Overdose of knowledge. Saw a nice movie on vimeo called Gristle. Brilliant treatment. Truckloads of effort must've gone into that film. It was commendable. Finally I got to the room and watched an episode of modern family after oiling my hair (which has now become a broomstick) and washing my cooker and utensils. Forced myself to write this entry. I haven't written in what seems like forever, but I'm glad I've started again. I missed it. It's as relieving as meditation, and I don't wanna lose practice and forget how to write!

Meanwhile HiVE Aug-Sept 2011 also happened. Turned out to be a great success with a thumbs up from everyone. Oct-Nov is in the making. That's all for now. Goodnight. :)


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