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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fluffball rescue!

16th Feb 2012

Today En and I are leaving for Goa to take the reference pictures of the environments of our films. I really hope it'll be fruitful. I'm gonna make a proper itinerary so we can stay on track. I'm gonna take some printouts, make a huge reference library and explode myself on some blank sheets. Home will definitely be a positive change from 'the white box'. Right now I'm waiting for Ram to come to college. Yes! The amazing Ram Singh is here to show off his talents! He's gonna help me reduce the length of my film to half. Also our new 3D character animation mentor - Gayatri Patil is really sweet. She suggested documenting every week, and divide the week's work and stick to it. So I'm gonna try and write here everyday so I can keep track of how this project happened, even it'll fail. I have nothing to fear!

Now I'll tell you guys how yesterday went. Ram arrived, I was surprised, I worked, Alok went to with Taps to fix his phone, and by the time I managed to churn out some decent stuff. When he came back we went for a quick session of Frisbee (which failed miserably thanks to lack of people), but we still had fun running around. Later yesterday before mess, we heard a puppy cry. Polo went to have a look, but he was too scared to come out. So we decided to look into it after dinner. When we got back he was still there, really scared. I somehow got him out and everyone went googaga over him. He really was a catch! A big patchy ball of fluff. But he was lost. So we made him some milk with milk powder. He drank two biscuit covers full, and Riddhi and I went to look for his parents. We found a friendly brown female, so we took him to her. She sniffed him, and backed off. There was a moment - so natural and beautiful, yet we were sad - our fluffball got rejected by this mom. She new he wasn't hers, and went off. We kept him back with regrets and convinced our hearts not to keep him with us in hostel.

Later that night Ram called for a walk and some Raj chai. So we went. Got some for En, and went up to the lab to give it to him. Right then, Polo and Chai called, saying they could hear our fluffball crying. I looked out from the 3rd floor and saw him scratching the wall. The family must've been on the other side! It struck me and I ran down, hoping to make it in time, coz Bublé, MIT's alpha dog was after him. So En took care of him while I picked the pup up and dropped him across the wall with 2 other fluffballs who were barking for him. The minute he was there they all ran down and were out of sight in no time. I was so glad and relieved! It was an amazing feeling to have helped him. :)

So that was the highlight of my day. It's special when an experience like this happens once a while. You get a thrill when someone needs you and you're there for them. :)
So long fellas. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


April '11 - Rio

The theatre was crowded. I'd come to watch 'Rio' at Fame, alone. Everyone had come with family. Kids ran around laughing, their families chasing them. So many of them between 3-10 years that I stopped counting! There were young couples, old ones too. Saw many daddies. I forgot the last time I went for a movie with my family. Heard many languages spoken around me; Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English, Marathi. For the first time I saw such a huge variety of people come for Rio. That's what an animated film does. It gets so many different people together in one place for one purpose - finding happiness. I couldn't wait!
I felt lucky to have gotten a good ticket. It was completely housefull a few minutes later. I was alone, but I had my notepad, and my black gel pen. I could talk to it, or show it what it couldn't see. The only thing I was hoping for is that the pages to last.


Found some old notes in my tiny notepad.. So just decided to post them here. :)

3rd April 2011 - Homeland

Somehow there are things you notice everytime. The GA on the cars, the coconut trees, swaying at the side of the road, saying goodbye. Salty breeze while crossing the Mandovi bridge, familiar places like Cuts and Colours - where you got your hair cut everytime. The terrace of a hotel where you celebrated a birthday. You look out and kiss the land. The bus seems to make the images flash by faster, stealing you away from your homeland. the last puri tasted the best, because your dad ran back to your bus' window, knowing you'll never get a chance to relish it where you're heading, until you're back again. The last look your mum throws at you, speaking a thousand words that were left unspoken. This will always be my homeland, and I will always belong here.
I tell myself now - my foster home awaits me. And I get on with my dreams.

A Seperation

12th Feb 2012
Watched an amazing film today, that I've been planning to watch for a looong time. It's an Iranian film titled 'A Separation'. It's absolutely beautiful, and I think it's a mus-watch for every film student. The actors were so believable and real that it was getting really hard to read the subtitles simultaneously! I just wanted to delve into their performance. It was stunning. The story is simple - a story about a separation of a married couple, and an incident that takes place in their lives which makes you wonder whether they will stay or separate. On a moral ground it asks so many questions, it makes you choose between two grey people throughout the film. It was so honest, and simple, just the way it happens in reality. The emotions were rooted, and not only did I sympathize, but empathized with the characters of the story.

Lastly, (spoiler alert!) I'd like to write about some of the most beautiful parts in the film.
When the dad's father almost dies and he later bathes and cleans him, while scrubbing his back he sinks into his shoulders and cries. His father, suffering from Alzheimer's doesn't react. It is so real and candid that it makes you uncomfortable.
When the daughter confronts her father, asking him if he knew about the maid's pregnancy, we see what he goes through, trying to lie to his daughter and yet teach her the values and lessons of life. So much in this film is about trust, and doing the right thing, even though you have to do some wrong to reach there. It leaves LOTS of room for interpretation to the viewer, and that's how effective it makes cinema look.
At the end I waited till the credits went off the scene, even though they were in arabic. I wanted to know whether the daughter would ever come out with her decision. And more than that, it was the aftershock of the movie's greatness.

So those who haven't seen it yet, try your best to get a hand on it. You won't regret it. :)

'A Separation' by Asghar Farhadi

Monday, February 13, 2012

The white box called MIT

13th Feb 2012

Well sitting here within this white box called MIT has been extremely limiting. It's DRAB. It's super hard to stay creative in such a boring environment. Often we look around, hoping to find something inspiring. I thought of buying a yellow lamp and making my own corner in the class with my paints and everything kept ready for me to just make heaps of sketches, but there are thieves in MIT. So I actually considered working in the confined tiny space my room provides. I will definitely try it out tomorrow - whatever works.

'The Mailbox' is going slow and directionless. The process of film-making is fun, but very scary indeed!! Today I talked to Chandan sir, asking him for help. He gave me a few good suggestions and I pinned them down. I guess I'm gonna have to go home to collect photos for my environments and make a HUGE-ASS resource library so that when I come back I have something to keep going back to.

Occassionally when En and I are in a fun mood a funny conversation comes up that lightens me up for the rest of the day. The other day Ishan was talking about this film - 'In the mood for love'. En was jolly and overheard, so he goes like this:

I'll soon color my sketches tonight and upload them on The Greedy Pencil. Check them out later.
Okay see you blog! May the force be with me.