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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fluffball rescue!

16th Feb 2012

Today En and I are leaving for Goa to take the reference pictures of the environments of our films. I really hope it'll be fruitful. I'm gonna make a proper itinerary so we can stay on track. I'm gonna take some printouts, make a huge reference library and explode myself on some blank sheets. Home will definitely be a positive change from 'the white box'. Right now I'm waiting for Ram to come to college. Yes! The amazing Ram Singh is here to show off his talents! He's gonna help me reduce the length of my film to half. Also our new 3D character animation mentor - Gayatri Patil is really sweet. She suggested documenting every week, and divide the week's work and stick to it. So I'm gonna try and write here everyday so I can keep track of how this project happened, even it'll fail. I have nothing to fear!

Now I'll tell you guys how yesterday went. Ram arrived, I was surprised, I worked, Alok went to with Taps to fix his phone, and by the time I managed to churn out some decent stuff. When he came back we went for a quick session of Frisbee (which failed miserably thanks to lack of people), but we still had fun running around. Later yesterday before mess, we heard a puppy cry. Polo went to have a look, but he was too scared to come out. So we decided to look into it after dinner. When we got back he was still there, really scared. I somehow got him out and everyone went googaga over him. He really was a catch! A big patchy ball of fluff. But he was lost. So we made him some milk with milk powder. He drank two biscuit covers full, and Riddhi and I went to look for his parents. We found a friendly brown female, so we took him to her. She sniffed him, and backed off. There was a moment - so natural and beautiful, yet we were sad - our fluffball got rejected by this mom. She new he wasn't hers, and went off. We kept him back with regrets and convinced our hearts not to keep him with us in hostel.

Later that night Ram called for a walk and some Raj chai. So we went. Got some for En, and went up to the lab to give it to him. Right then, Polo and Chai called, saying they could hear our fluffball crying. I looked out from the 3rd floor and saw him scratching the wall. The family must've been on the other side! It struck me and I ran down, hoping to make it in time, coz Bublé, MIT's alpha dog was after him. So En took care of him while I picked the pup up and dropped him across the wall with 2 other fluffballs who were barking for him. The minute he was there they all ran down and were out of sight in no time. I was so glad and relieved! It was an amazing feeling to have helped him. :)

So that was the highlight of my day. It's special when an experience like this happens once a while. You get a thrill when someone needs you and you're there for them. :)
So long fellas. :)

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