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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Found some old notes in my tiny notepad.. So just decided to post them here. :)

3rd April 2011 - Homeland

Somehow there are things you notice everytime. The GA on the cars, the coconut trees, swaying at the side of the road, saying goodbye. Salty breeze while crossing the Mandovi bridge, familiar places like Cuts and Colours - where you got your hair cut everytime. The terrace of a hotel where you celebrated a birthday. You look out and kiss the land. The bus seems to make the images flash by faster, stealing you away from your homeland. the last puri tasted the best, because your dad ran back to your bus' window, knowing you'll never get a chance to relish it where you're heading, until you're back again. The last look your mum throws at you, speaking a thousand words that were left unspoken. This will always be my homeland, and I will always belong here.
I tell myself now - my foster home awaits me. And I get on with my dreams.


prachi said...

this is brilliant! its so precise, and sums up that feeling so well! :*

Nikhita P. said...

Thank-you! :)