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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


April '11 - Rio

The theatre was crowded. I'd come to watch 'Rio' at Fame, alone. Everyone had come with family. Kids ran around laughing, their families chasing them. So many of them between 3-10 years that I stopped counting! There were young couples, old ones too. Saw many daddies. I forgot the last time I went for a movie with my family. Heard many languages spoken around me; Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English, Marathi. For the first time I saw such a huge variety of people come for Rio. That's what an animated film does. It gets so many different people together in one place for one purpose - finding happiness. I couldn't wait!
I felt lucky to have gotten a good ticket. It was completely housefull a few minutes later. I was alone, but I had my notepad, and my black gel pen. I could talk to it, or show it what it couldn't see. The only thing I was hoping for is that the pages to last.

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