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Monday, February 13, 2012

The white box called MIT

13th Feb 2012

Well sitting here within this white box called MIT has been extremely limiting. It's DRAB. It's super hard to stay creative in such a boring environment. Often we look around, hoping to find something inspiring. I thought of buying a yellow lamp and making my own corner in the class with my paints and everything kept ready for me to just make heaps of sketches, but there are thieves in MIT. So I actually considered working in the confined tiny space my room provides. I will definitely try it out tomorrow - whatever works.

'The Mailbox' is going slow and directionless. The process of film-making is fun, but very scary indeed!! Today I talked to Chandan sir, asking him for help. He gave me a few good suggestions and I pinned them down. I guess I'm gonna have to go home to collect photos for my environments and make a HUGE-ASS resource library so that when I come back I have something to keep going back to.

Occassionally when En and I are in a fun mood a funny conversation comes up that lightens me up for the rest of the day. The other day Ishan was talking about this film - 'In the mood for love'. En was jolly and overheard, so he goes like this:

I'll soon color my sketches tonight and upload them on The Greedy Pencil. Check them out later.
Okay see you blog! May the force be with me.


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