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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Kitehhhs!!

Somebody watch these cute kitehhhhs!!!!! :D :D How to walk your human Kitten's Dance of Intimidation How to introduce two cats to each other What a great reference for us animators!! ;)

Brave Review

22nd June 2012

When I saw the Brave trailer a few months ago, I was honestly very disappointed. I realized Merida's character design was beautiful, especially her hair and the change in the generic facial structure of disney/pixar characters, but besides her, the other characters resembled the characters from How to train your dragon. A lot. Sure, they were scottish with the skirts and the accents, but the features and the designs looked as different as those in HTTYD when it released. Also I was not too happy with Pixar making princess movies. All those pre-judgements kept aside, I went into the theatre to be overjoyed with the film.


There are a countless number of things I loved about it.

Story and Design
The first thing I would say is the storyboarding. Everything was so well choreographed! The introduction of the immense Scottish highlands, the castle and its grasslands, the woods, the character actions really helps the audience follow the story. It created a mystery throughout the film.
Coming to the story, a lot is always expected from a studio like Pixar which has created and brought us films like Ratatouille, Toy Story, Wall-E, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Up. So, naturally we expect nothing but excellence. The story was usual until half of it was over - you expect a prince to come in somewhere, but there is no prince. There is no clichéd romance, instead a very unspoken relationship between Merida and her mother is suggested.
As far as design is concerned, a lot more could be explored, but since it worked, there was no need for that! All the character designs shouted out the personalities of the characters! The parents, the brothers, and even the stupid princes and their fathers! I was so glad the horse didn't look Disneyish.
Also, I absolutely loved the Score and the songs sung - they really brought in another dimension to the film.

There're no second thoughts about this - all the gags and the acting is extremely well done and believable. We can expect nothing less from Pixar animators!

What I didn't understand is the core of the film. Was it about choosing/changing your fate, about her relationship with her mother or about accepting each other for who we are? If there was emphasis on one particular subject then the audience could have taken back something. Since the core is unclear, we take back bits and pieces. We are entertained, but it doesn't touch our heart and stay with us.
Also initially the scottish accent was very distracting and at times changed the tone of the film.

A lot of critiques mentioned that this film didn't have a specific target audience - well, I cannot understand why there should be one as a rule! This film is enjoyed by all age groups. So is a film like 'Up'.

I guess that's all I have to say about Brave. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and hats off to all the talent and the effort put in! Loved the story, the gags, the action and the emotion. I actually cried at the climax. :'( (yes I am an emotional individual) Go for it guys! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reality Shows

Reality shows

Here's a show that takes reality shows to a whole new level. 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins' is a show where Tony Robbins guides people in real life traumas or problems through an extraordinary journey to rediscover themselves and their worth. When I watched the first episode I was mved to tears. I was so happy to see that there are people in this world who selflessly go out of their way to use their talents and skills to fix other people's lives - people they have never even known! Apparently this show got only a 4.8 rating on IMDB, and after its 6th episode the TRP went so low that NBC decided to discontinue it. Here in India, the most nonsensical and pointless reality shows like 'Spitsvilla', 'Roadies', 'Big Boss' and 'Rakhi ka swayamvar' get high TRPs! So why does such a meaningful show like Breakthrough go so low on audience?

Amir Khan's done his own breakthroughs in India with 'Satyamev Jayate', bringing to light some of India's most harsh and truthful realities without any exagerration. At a first glance I thought it was overly dramatic. I was also disappointed by the fact that it was more of a talkshow like 'The Opra Winfrey show' than a travel and documentary show; that's what the promos had got me to expect. After a few episodes I felt it was insightful and quite hard-hitting. Some of the educated classes who watch films might consider it another drama, but guys! compare this to the countless meaningless programs that have aired on channels like Star Plus, MTV, [V] and Colors? btcih please! Also we have not realized that this is meant for the common masses that generally have no awareness about the laws and their human rights! There are things in the show that even I wasn't aware of, being brought up in such an educated society. Amitabh Bachchan got us KBC (a copy of the american show 'Who wants to be a millionaire'), Shah Rukh got the game show 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se tez hain?' (the indian version of 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader?), Akshay Kumar hosted a badly scripted 'Masterchef India' I think Salman Khan also hosted one such money-making show like 'A minute to win it'.

What is really wrong with people today? Does entertainment mean only funny stuff that is light-hearted and makes you forget about it in an hour? Do we want to be ignorant and heartless? Unfortunately TRPs are not counted by the number of youtube downloads or playbacks. Since I do not have a cable connection and a TV that's the only way I can watch it and share my support for these amazing breakthrough shows.

I urge you to watch shows like Satyamev Jayate, and please increase the shows TRP to encourage the hard efforts of such wonderful producers. Be aware, be helpful and kind, and always empathize! Do you really want to watch more crap like Rodies and Spitsvilla??

Alok NR for introducing Tony Robbins to me
Youtube (where you will find full free episodes of both the shows - 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins' and 'Satyamev Jayate')

Travel Journal - Készthely - day 14

day 14
15th june 2012
Abbazia Hotel, Készthely

After I go home I have to get a dental checkup ASAP! I'm really getting freaked out about almost all my teeth getting really sensitive so early in life! And I love to eat!! :( Also my foot is injured badly and I have no idea how it happened. For the past two days I haven't been able to walk at all; I've been limping around like a disabled person. There's a baddass twist right below my left foot's ankle on the left of the foot and there's a slight reddish swelling. Something has gone very wrong inside - I just don't know what to do about it. I tried putting it in hot salt water and applied balm on it. Let's see if it's fine by tomorrow. I hope I don't have to go to the doc when I'm back - I wanna keep my healthy record of about 18 years.

I have another goal I want to achieve - I want to go trekking. A proper trek; like the Enduro. I want to climb 12 mountains overnight and feel the exhaustion but sense of success and achievement - I want to do something challenging. Hopefully I'll have someone to do it with, Maybe Alok, Polo, Pooi, and Supri will be interested. Just that now I don't know when and where that will happen.

P.S: 15th june evening update: Soak the sprained foot in hot salt water for 2 hours and gently massage it. Apply a muscle relaxant balm on it, rub it and wear a soak for heat and go to bed. Wala! It'll be much better the next day. Tried and tested method by mommy cool.

Travel Journal - Készthely - day 13

day 13
14th June 2012
Abbazia Hotel, Készthely

Only two days left to get back home. What a weird vacation this was. The first week in Vienna and Budapest was exhausting but fun! After we rented to car and travelled to Készthely - the first 5 days included a lot of fighting over way-finding and directions! As Dory asked, "What IS IT with men asking for directions?" They are so full of ego and stubborness. Who are they trying to prove themselves to anyway? Besides that we played a lot of Rummy (card game), plucked cherries from the backyard, shopped a lot of SPAR, and drove around to local places like the lakeside, the wonderful Herand Porcelain Museum and factory (where we saw how it is carved, painted, glazed and fired), and the local Pottery making shops. We watched the whole season 6 of 'Friends', 'Satyamev Jayate' and also 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins'. Throughout Puppa's been all about what we call in Hindi - 'Pét Pooja'; translated - stomach worship? Lol! No really. Yes, you do get more hungry in cold regions, but I think it's mainly because there is nothing much to do here but relax. Tomorrow I will be cooking at eating asparagus for the first time. Nothing fancy - I'm just sautéing them with sliced almonds and mushrooms and hoping they'll taste good without the olive oil.

I am realy looking forward to going home and having home food and enjoying the Goan rains with my friends and speaking in English and Konkani again! I'm also kind of scared but eager to work on the Mailbox. Luckily the interest hasn't died, infact I think it's grown because I didn't get to work on it for a while. I want to put my heart and soul in this film. I'm gonna have to make a lot of changes to make it better.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Journal - Budapest - Day 7

day 7
8th June 2012

We saw a museum of art and history, we saw the central library, a hot spring bath facilty which was very famous for the baths and massages, bought candies from a HUGEass candy store, saw the one of the oldest most elaborate done cafés in Pesht and even the city square where the statues of the 9 tribes of Buda had originally settled were erected. Mumma did her bits of composing and photography. I noticed in Budapest there were a lot of wonderful musicians who played for free all over town, so beautifully it almost made me cry. I wanted to know the songs they played and know them as individuals - why didn't they perform in concerts? This was one of the things that amazed me here. Another thing is - nowhere in Vienna and Buda can you buy a decent glass of water, everything is carbonated and flavoured. The reason you need to buy water is the one from the taps (which is apparently filtered) has a weird chemical taste, something like chlorine. Anywho, then we went to the university of modern science and history, which was also beautiful and we sat there watching this pair of wonderful artist who sang lovely traditional songs.

NT took us to another quaint café which was very artsy. Things there were hung upside down and lots of old retro frames were hung in clusters. We sat outside and I had the most amazing Jubilee mediterannean chicken there with a raspberry flavoured lemonade. Puppa's salmon pasta was also great! We took the main tram to the parliament where we also walked along the Danube. There was a small gesture for all the jews who lost their lives in Wold War II. budapest had a lot of jews and a lot of them were killed by the German army. They were told to stand facing the Danube and were shot from their behind and thrown in the river.. People had placed flowers in the metal shoes that were fixed alone the boulevard. It was touching. We went up the the fisherman's __ to get the amazing view again, and I stole some Mulberries from a nearby tree there. after that we finally left for the Bo18 hotel coz we were exhausted. We couldn't even have a parting dinner with NT since we were SO tired. We said good bye and hoped to meet her again in Kesthely. Will rent the car and leave for Kesthely tomorrow.

Budapest was wonderful, and all thanks to the amazing Nayantara Ghotge! :) Thanks NT for being the best personal tour guide we could ever have! <3 That's all for tonight!

Travel Journal - Vienna - Budapest - Day 6

day 6
7th june 2012
Vienna - Budapest

We left for Budapest this morning by the train which leaves every one hour. Vienna was beautiful, and I guess what I liked most about it was its infrastructure and it's beautiful people. Even though they couldn't communicate in English we managed to make it through. The means of transport are so well developed - the subway, the trams, the buses and cyclists and pedestrians. They have even taken into consideration - the blind and the disabled.

We had a super heavy meal at a local café in the city centre with Nayantara! She hasn't changed much, just her English might've changed a little. Got some really nice photos. Buda-pesht is so much prettier to photograph than Vienna where everything had come over exposed. It's a lot like Italy with the Bistros, potted flowers everywhere and cobbed pavements. Even the architecture has a lot of roman influence. We saw the king's castle, the fisherman's __ (which is a vantage point from where you can see the river and the two sides of it - Buda and Pesht. It was stunning at night. That's all we did really. Also the weather is so so pleasant! It's like Goa at night without the humidity! <3

Travel Journal - Vienna - Day 5

day 5
6th june 2012

We left for the church in the city square. That church was this elaborately done Gothic church with too much work. While reaching there we had some yummy gelato and watched the beautiful city - it was so full and lively, and the sun was out nicely today. Things were looking good. Mumma and I wanted to see the Albertina hall's exhibit of Monet, Picasso and Gustrav Klimt's works. Raina wasn't interested so she waited outside for quite a while. We were tired after the walking anyway. Puppa also joined us and we saw the works. The first exhibit was ridiculous. It showed early works of artists who later got famous. The early works looked like they were done by 3 year olds!
When we reached Gustav Kilmt's gallery I was stunned. His draftsmenship was stunningly accurate and gorgeous! His erotic works were so appealing, and my favourite piece was the one he was commissioned for for Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. His drawings of Romeo and Juliet were so beautiful - I cannot find the perfect words for it. Do google him if you like realistic art.
Picasso's work never appealed to me, neither did Monet's.

Raina got really bored waiting outside. Then we went to eat food, which was expensive and we weren't even't that hungry, so Puppa lost it completely when he tried to order in a hurry and we stopped him from buying stuff and the counter lady was staring at us so he got even more mad. Raina got really upset and it took her a while to settle down. We did more sight-seeing and went to this palace where they originally trained horses to behave in the 'propa' royal manner - they even taught them to dance here - till date.

By now we were exhausted, but thanks to Puppa's stubborness we caught a tram to a far off village house in the middle of the city with creepers going all over it. that part of town didn't even looko like a partt of Vienna! it was really quaint, like out of a storybook. But we couldn't stay there for long and my battery died anyway, so we were off to the hostel, where we had a good night's rest. Will be leaving for Budapest tomorrow by the local train.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Journal - Vienna - Day 4

day 4
5th june 2012
Vienna, Austria

This morning I woke up to have to tell Puppa that I forgot the Canon charger back home. That's how the day started badly. Then when we left we realized we hadn't locked the luggage in the room - got a huge firing from Puppa which made me very angry and upset. I always end up being the one yelled at. Vienna (Wien) is much safer and friendlier than Cairo - they have a LOT of politeness, civic sense and chivalry; it is also EVEN more expensive. 1 Euro=70 Rs, and here they use 1 euro like 1 rupee!! :( We end up calculating a lot. We saw Maria Teresa's palace today - she was the main empress here. It's also FREEZING COLD!! I roam around with a lot of tops and sweaters and mittens and scarfs and I still feel cold. Freezing cold. :( we travelled by the super fast subway - saw people making out in public n all. Today we visited the empress Maria Teresa's royal palace - it has a gorgeous garden, a pretty difficult maze around the back, and also a viewing point on the top of the hill opposing the palace. Inside it's turned into a museum with all the info and artefacts from that time. I discovered a new style of painting, clothing, colors, framing and decor - 'Rococo' and had studied a little about it on wikipedia before arriving. It uses assymmetry instead of the renaissance style symmetry.

We also had a wonderful session of Apfelstrudel show! There a chef showed us how to make the famous original Vienese recipe of Apple Strudel! :) We also got a free sample which was wonderful. After that dad got reall hungry and so was I. We ate the cheapest (1.5 Euros) burgers and a delicious warming cappucino at McD which was pointless, coz later we bought Strawberries, Cherries, and also had a proper 6 Euro lunch at the youth hostel, which was totally worth it. I know I'm sounding super stingy, but when you're a travelling broke Indian, your jaw drops when you calculate, and it hits you in the face! :-s
Anywho. We quickly freshened up and took the sub back to the palace. There was a concert we attended - it was absolutely beautiful. The music was flawless, well composed (by of course, the Vienese master Amadeus Mozart) and it was performed and conducted so beautifully by these musicians. Some of the pieces had a pair of graceful dancers or a pair of opera singers along with the pieces.

I was stunned by how perfect the loudness, pitch, tempo and synching of all the many instruments was! There were Cellos, Violins, trumpets and a few more things at the back. We were too far to see ALL those guys. In an hour's time we got back to the room. I'm super sleepy now so I'll conclude by saying - "Wien is wonderful, fast, quaint and beautiful."
See you guys, if anyone's still reading.

Travel Journal - Egypt Vienna - Day 3

day 3
4th June 2012
Egypt - Vienna

After an amazing breakfast this morning, we saw the Pyramids of Giza from the inside! Kiosk's, and his two sons' pyramids too. I forgot their names, they are so hard to remember! When you look at them from afar they really don't look that big; probably as tall as a ordinary skyscraper - but they're HUGE when you come close! The largest one was made of 3 million slabs of rock, and each weighs about 3-5 tonnes. It took 300 men to move each slab at the time, and the first pyramid of king Kiosk took 20 years to complete with the workers working for 3 months in a year.

Anyway, the one we went inside was the queen's pyramid - there are 3 of those next to the smallest one. It was super fun to get into! I thought it would be huge and hollow inside but it had one room - one chamber only! And there the tomb was kept with all the jewels. The way to enter it is getting down a slope about 10 metres, and another of 5 meters. The toughest one to get into was the other queen's pyramid, where you would have to climb 60 metres down, 30 metres up, 60 metres down again, and then the slope. Kiosk's pyramid had an entry fee of 100 Egyptian Pounds (1 Egyptian Pound=10 INR), so we dropped the idea. Our awesome and sweet guide Sherif also told us that it's basically the same thing, but instead of one chamber, it has 3, out of which 2 are for the jewels and the treasures to be taken and used by the king in his afterlife. Nice huh?

So that was that. From there we went to the papyrus making place where we saw how the ancient Egyptians made papyrus. It's kinda like Sugarcane, but it has a triangular stem. The inside of this stem is sliced in strips and soaked in water for 6 days, after which it is pressed and dried. The paper is immortal! It's strong, it doesn't tear, and it's flexible. The salesman there was very persuasive on making us buy one of the paintings, but they looked nowhere as beautiful as the originals where they'd used natural dyes instead of the metallic paints we saw. After a lot of debate we bought two empty sheets. We reached the hotel, relaxed, charged batteries and left left for the Airport. The van driver (from Eygpt Airways) was almost begging us for a tip. 'Nothing for me?' he said. Here's a helpful tip about Egyptians - they are inborn conmen! They trick you and needlessly beg for tips. At the pyramids the camel riders begged you to take a photo of them (Pls take photo, I say cheese) and then asked for money for the photo, even if you're not even in it. They sell you artifacts worth 5 Egyptian Pounds for 25 Pounds! So don't trust anyone about their prices! Be firm, and say no. Walk awayyy......

Here's another tip - do not travel to any country via Egypt - travel via Quwait or Dubai. They don't stall, they don't cancel flights, and they don't have shabby unmanaged service. Egypt Air takes forever for Transit passengers - they hold your passport until the next flight and sometimes a lot of flights get canned. So this time it got canned after all the halting-in-Egypt-for-a-day and we travelled in Austrain Airways. Their service was fast and efficient. We were dying to have lunch in the plane! The flight took what seemed like almost forever to reach (3 hours). It got delayed by 30 mninds thanks to 'turbulent weather' and we couldn't land. we kept circling Vienna with our seatbelts on. Finally we reached the airport!

The Vienna airport is full of characters. I was dying to sketch, but we were in such a rush to collect our luggage. People of different shape, sizes, colors, hairstyles, walk cycles and clothing buzzed arounf. Then we had to take the subway outta the Airport. The ticket thing is a rather tricky business for someone who hasn't travelled a lot  - and everything was in German/Autrian. We sat in the train without Validating the ticket. Luckily there was no TC guy to throw us outta the subway. The ride took a long time, enough for me to notice that Vienna is so so beautiful. It has a lot of greens, and the city is well planned with seperate lanes for buses, air buses, cars, cycles and pedestrians. The subway sides have grafitti all over and the architecture of the city is very minimalistic and modern. We had to walk a while to the youth hostel after reaching. It's a rather tricky business navigating in a country where noone speaks English! :( Vienna at 7.00PM is as dead as India at 5AM. The shops and restaurants close and very few cars zoom around. The roads were wet thanks to the 'turbulent weather', so the whole city has a gloomy wet washed look.

The hostel is nice. The lobby was full of cheerful people playing Uno, Billiards, Solitaire and browsing the free Wifi. We've got sandwiches for dinner. (It's the first time I've used a vending machine!) I'm starving but I wanna bathe first. I feel like someone threw me in an oily gutter and stomped all over me. That's all for today. We'll eat and get all the rest we've needed.

Travel Journal - Egypt - Day 2

day 2
3rd June 2012

Woke up early and Puppa's friend dropped us to the airport. The flight took 6 hours. First we were starving so we got just a slice of cake and water for breakfast - but we had a decent lunch at 12. I was royally bored, so I visited the loo twice. In my time there I pondered over how the drainage system in the aircraft worked. Where did my shit go? I know my pee would evaporate. Cut shot, a man many metres below is walking in a park. He hears a distant sound getting louder. He looks up - particles of smelly stuff splats over his face. Cut shot, I give a loud sigh and walk outta the toilet. Maybe something like that.
Watched a funny Jim Carey movie about penguins with half the sound on the shitty inflight earphones and the shared sceen.

We were finally reaching Cairo. We took a kind of turn. The weather outside the window looked scorching, like it was 45 degrees! Although our screens showed 31. I looked down, miles of desert and rock were seen, and we crossed the suez canal and later the nile. I also saw the Pyramids from the top! Mumma spotted them, but I think they weren't the main ones. Apparently there are 98 pyramids all over Egypt. It was overexposed outside. I imagined Mr. Chameleon again, happily crossing the road in its slow dragged speed of 1km/hr. He takes two steps to cross the road and he gets FRIED - royally, and turns upside down with cross eyes. I hope I can animate/board that once I'm back or something. (Theres already a huge list of things to animate).

Once we landed we had to wait for them to finish the forms and transit stuff which look a friggin 1.5 hours!! During that time I took out my sketchbook and tried to inconspiciously sketch all the wonderful people with all their shapes, sizes, hair colours and styles, clothing and gestures. I could spend a whole day doing this without getting bored. Vienna airport was even mmore interesting in terms of people! While I sketched a man approached us and had a chat after looking at me sketching. Later a huge crowd formed and begged me to do one of each one of them! I got super super conscious, but I started churning out sketches of their faces and tearing pages from my book but more kept showing up to get free portraits! :-s So I shook my head and said I'm done and turned towards sis (who is permanently browsing facebook wherever she finds internet). I wanted my sketchbook to last for the rest of the trip!

Finally we were taken to the hotel by an Egyptian Airways bus. After we settled down there we left for the Egyptian Museum - which had the biggest collection of Egyptian history! I couldn't wait! Our guide Sherif was very friendly and cheerful - he must have been around 26, and he knew practically everything about the ancient Egyptians and their stories. Photograhy was not allowed inside, so I tried to take in eveything with my eyes! I loved Egyptian Mytho! I had read shit loads about it since my childhood and it continued to amaze me. What I loved best about their pharoahs and queens was that they were absolutely real. Their beliefs were real, their bodies were real, and their rituals were real. There was so much evidence to prove it. Serif explained to us about the main kings and queens - what indicated a rich king from a poor king, what certain animal forms symbolized, and what the crowns meant. We saw the famous rosetta stone - a black slab on which a direct tranlation of hyroglyphics is written in demolic (language of the egyptian priests) and the roman alphabet!
The bottom two floors consisting all the kings and queens staues and treasures were gorgeous - but we had no idea what was in store for us on the 3rd and last floor.

The WHOLE DAYM FLOOR was devoted t Tutankhamun!!! He was Egypt's most famous king and most youngest king! He changed the religion back to Amun Ra (The sun) after his father's death and made all the Egyptians happy. His father had made the people rebellious because he had broken the norms that had been set for years staing that the main god was Ra. He changed the main god to Aten - god of sexuality - which is why his body is often depicted with a female form but masculine head, or vice versa. Tutankamun was found is a massive sized gold engraved chamber - the size of a room! Inside that were 5 other gold boxes with engravings, each a little smaller than the one it was kept inside. The final three were made of gold, then silver, then one made of food and offering, and lastly - the cast for the mummy - the gold mask that we have seen so many times - the symbol of Egypt. It was gorgeous. It was nothing like the photos. I was overwhelmed looking at all this. I wish we had many more hours left in the museum to stare at everything more deeply, but we had already gotten late for the 8PM sound and light show at the Pyramids.

The sound and light show was great - it highlights the story of king Kiosk - to whom the biggest Pyramid belongs to, and his sons, wife and daughters, to whom the other pyramids belong. It also told us how they were made at the time.

Tomorrow morning we will get to see the Pyramids for real, not from afar. :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel Journal - Mumbai - Day 1

Day 1
2nd June 2012

Woken up at 6am and had delicious dosas made by Anju auntie. We soon said our goodbyes and left for Mumbai by a shameful 8am. The drive was pretty pleasant besides the fact that they didn't let me BREATH! I mean, I was trapped in an AC car without fresh air for a frikkin 4 hours. When we reached Mumbai we'd decided to buy some undies and all on hill road. The ones in Pune were 85-140 bucks and we wanted to save Puppa the thousands of rupees, but unfortunately everything was shut since it was only 10.30. So we headed to Ashok uncle's place for lunch where we had mind blowing taste-bud orgasmic round of starters. First these tortilla kind things with minched chicken filling, then jumbo fried prawns, then chicken. We were really full by then, but the starters kept coming! There were also cheesy kati rolls, more prawns, and lastly - lemon chicken. our tummies were exploding by then, so we gave it a rest. Puppa actually went for a nap since he was tired from the driving, and we chatted up. I gave Karan all my flms and he took me to this amazing café opposite his building named 'Leaping Windows' - it has a HUGE comic book collection i  the basement where you could spend DAYS reading. I was so overexcited that I wanted to live and breath there till I finished readig whatever they had. I saw Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Arrow, more DC Marvel books, Naruto, FMA, Buddha and even Scott Pilgrim! This owner was my god!! While leaving I also saw Watchmen and V for Vendetta on his shelf! I wiped a silent emotional tear from my eyes and left the place. Karan was enjoying my emotional breakdown.

For lunch we had thai curry rice, which I really could.not.finish. and the desert, which was irresistable was Mango soufflé which I had 2 helpings of - until my stomach whimpered "Stoopp..."
Then we went to Raina's first future fiancé - his name is Jayesh Nagashekar. He was okay, but too nerdy, Raina's first experience of meeting a guy formally for arranged marriage I guess. I still find the whole thing very weird, not that I have anything against it. Mumma is still fighting with some family problems back home, and feeling guilty for not being there for Ajju, but she's good now and things are working out okay. After that we went to Hill Rd. and bought all the undies. Sandhya tai called to ask if we could visit her as well and I really felt like meeting her, so we went there and we fed there as well! With mangoes and icecream. She has a really sweet husband and a bunch of fish. She also has two teeny turtles with very pretty shells.

Finally we went to Mohan bhau's place - where we were gonna spend the night - had our last most awesome meal - Goan food! Fish curry sol cudi rice, fried fish and bhendi bhaaji. Slept after a good show of Satyamev Jayate (ep. 4)