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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Journal - Budapest - Day 7

day 7
8th June 2012

We saw a museum of art and history, we saw the central library, a hot spring bath facilty which was very famous for the baths and massages, bought candies from a HUGEass candy store, saw the one of the oldest most elaborate done cafés in Pesht and even the city square where the statues of the 9 tribes of Buda had originally settled were erected. Mumma did her bits of composing and photography. I noticed in Budapest there were a lot of wonderful musicians who played for free all over town, so beautifully it almost made me cry. I wanted to know the songs they played and know them as individuals - why didn't they perform in concerts? This was one of the things that amazed me here. Another thing is - nowhere in Vienna and Buda can you buy a decent glass of water, everything is carbonated and flavoured. The reason you need to buy water is the one from the taps (which is apparently filtered) has a weird chemical taste, something like chlorine. Anywho, then we went to the university of modern science and history, which was also beautiful and we sat there watching this pair of wonderful artist who sang lovely traditional songs.

NT took us to another quaint café which was very artsy. Things there were hung upside down and lots of old retro frames were hung in clusters. We sat outside and I had the most amazing Jubilee mediterannean chicken there with a raspberry flavoured lemonade. Puppa's salmon pasta was also great! We took the main tram to the parliament where we also walked along the Danube. There was a small gesture for all the jews who lost their lives in Wold War II. budapest had a lot of jews and a lot of them were killed by the German army. They were told to stand facing the Danube and were shot from their behind and thrown in the river.. People had placed flowers in the metal shoes that were fixed alone the boulevard. It was touching. We went up the the fisherman's __ to get the amazing view again, and I stole some Mulberries from a nearby tree there. after that we finally left for the Bo18 hotel coz we were exhausted. We couldn't even have a parting dinner with NT since we were SO tired. We said good bye and hoped to meet her again in Kesthely. Will rent the car and leave for Kesthely tomorrow.

Budapest was wonderful, and all thanks to the amazing Nayantara Ghotge! :) Thanks NT for being the best personal tour guide we could ever have! <3 That's all for tonight!

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