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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel Journal - Mumbai - Day 1

Day 1
2nd June 2012

Woken up at 6am and had delicious dosas made by Anju auntie. We soon said our goodbyes and left for Mumbai by a shameful 8am. The drive was pretty pleasant besides the fact that they didn't let me BREATH! I mean, I was trapped in an AC car without fresh air for a frikkin 4 hours. When we reached Mumbai we'd decided to buy some undies and all on hill road. The ones in Pune were 85-140 bucks and we wanted to save Puppa the thousands of rupees, but unfortunately everything was shut since it was only 10.30. So we headed to Ashok uncle's place for lunch where we had mind blowing taste-bud orgasmic round of starters. First these tortilla kind things with minched chicken filling, then jumbo fried prawns, then chicken. We were really full by then, but the starters kept coming! There were also cheesy kati rolls, more prawns, and lastly - lemon chicken. our tummies were exploding by then, so we gave it a rest. Puppa actually went for a nap since he was tired from the driving, and we chatted up. I gave Karan all my flms and he took me to this amazing café opposite his building named 'Leaping Windows' - it has a HUGE comic book collection i  the basement where you could spend DAYS reading. I was so overexcited that I wanted to live and breath there till I finished readig whatever they had. I saw Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Arrow, more DC Marvel books, Naruto, FMA, Buddha and even Scott Pilgrim! This owner was my god!! While leaving I also saw Watchmen and V for Vendetta on his shelf! I wiped a silent emotional tear from my eyes and left the place. Karan was enjoying my emotional breakdown.

For lunch we had thai curry rice, which I really could.not.finish. and the desert, which was irresistable was Mango soufflé which I had 2 helpings of - until my stomach whimpered "Stoopp..."
Then we went to Raina's first future fiancé - his name is Jayesh Nagashekar. He was okay, but too nerdy, Raina's first experience of meeting a guy formally for arranged marriage I guess. I still find the whole thing very weird, not that I have anything against it. Mumma is still fighting with some family problems back home, and feeling guilty for not being there for Ajju, but she's good now and things are working out okay. After that we went to Hill Rd. and bought all the undies. Sandhya tai called to ask if we could visit her as well and I really felt like meeting her, so we went there and we fed there as well! With mangoes and icecream. She has a really sweet husband and a bunch of fish. She also has two teeny turtles with very pretty shells.

Finally we went to Mohan bhau's place - where we were gonna spend the night - had our last most awesome meal - Goan food! Fish curry sol cudi rice, fried fish and bhendi bhaaji. Slept after a good show of Satyamev Jayate (ep. 4)

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