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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Journal - Vienna - Budapest - Day 6

day 6
7th june 2012
Vienna - Budapest

We left for Budapest this morning by the train which leaves every one hour. Vienna was beautiful, and I guess what I liked most about it was its infrastructure and it's beautiful people. Even though they couldn't communicate in English we managed to make it through. The means of transport are so well developed - the subway, the trams, the buses and cyclists and pedestrians. They have even taken into consideration - the blind and the disabled.

We had a super heavy meal at a local café in the city centre with Nayantara! She hasn't changed much, just her English might've changed a little. Got some really nice photos. Buda-pesht is so much prettier to photograph than Vienna where everything had come over exposed. It's a lot like Italy with the Bistros, potted flowers everywhere and cobbed pavements. Even the architecture has a lot of roman influence. We saw the king's castle, the fisherman's __ (which is a vantage point from where you can see the river and the two sides of it - Buda and Pesht. It was stunning at night. That's all we did really. Also the weather is so so pleasant! It's like Goa at night without the humidity! <3

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