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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Journal - Vienna - Day 5

day 5
6th june 2012

We left for the church in the city square. That church was this elaborately done Gothic church with too much work. While reaching there we had some yummy gelato and watched the beautiful city - it was so full and lively, and the sun was out nicely today. Things were looking good. Mumma and I wanted to see the Albertina hall's exhibit of Monet, Picasso and Gustrav Klimt's works. Raina wasn't interested so she waited outside for quite a while. We were tired after the walking anyway. Puppa also joined us and we saw the works. The first exhibit was ridiculous. It showed early works of artists who later got famous. The early works looked like they were done by 3 year olds!
When we reached Gustav Kilmt's gallery I was stunned. His draftsmenship was stunningly accurate and gorgeous! His erotic works were so appealing, and my favourite piece was the one he was commissioned for for Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. His drawings of Romeo and Juliet were so beautiful - I cannot find the perfect words for it. Do google him if you like realistic art.
Picasso's work never appealed to me, neither did Monet's.

Raina got really bored waiting outside. Then we went to eat food, which was expensive and we weren't even't that hungry, so Puppa lost it completely when he tried to order in a hurry and we stopped him from buying stuff and the counter lady was staring at us so he got even more mad. Raina got really upset and it took her a while to settle down. We did more sight-seeing and went to this palace where they originally trained horses to behave in the 'propa' royal manner - they even taught them to dance here - till date.

By now we were exhausted, but thanks to Puppa's stubborness we caught a tram to a far off village house in the middle of the city with creepers going all over it. that part of town didn't even looko like a partt of Vienna! it was really quaint, like out of a storybook. But we couldn't stay there for long and my battery died anyway, so we were off to the hostel, where we had a good night's rest. Will be leaving for Budapest tomorrow by the local train.

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