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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rising expenses

30th August 2012

There is something that runs in my blood as fast as RBCs - stingyness? I wouldn't exactly call it that, because I love gifting people stuff. I guess I'm very money-conscious. I try to save every rupee that I can. I find joy in saving even a paise. So I just can't get over the fact that things have become to expensive in India - and one of the most scary things that have become expensive besides the petrol is - FOOD! The most basic necessity of our lives.

Somehow everyone seems to be used to this. They're used to paying 40-50 bucks for a sandwich and 100+ rupees for every meal of the day. Tomatoes have gone from 5 to 10 for quarter kilo. A pack of 10 Good day biscuits have gone from 15 to 22 bucks. The packet is much bigger than its contents and Lays! Don't even ask about lays potato chips. They're such frauds. The contents have around 20 slices of chips, that's visually 1/4th of the packet, and it costs Rs. 10 for that! I feel I can just buy potatoes and make fries instead - if only I had a kitchen here, and a lot more time in the day, but, unfortunately, being a hosteler doesn't give you that privilege. Peanuts, which are manufactured here in Loni itself and are known to be the common man's snack cost me 45 bucks a tiny packet.

If you even go to a dhaba today in Loni, the remotest part of Pune city, the cold drink there (maybe coke) has an MRP of 16, but they charge you 25. I was furious so I looked for the consumer code forums online. I wasted 1 hour of my day knowing that nobody would address my problems. The Indian government is a massive corrupt and disorganized body that couldn't care less for the people of India. Everything goes around in circles and you never get answers or justice. It's rather upsetting.

So, basically, I just wanted to express my opinion here. I'd like to know what you guys think, and if you can get over it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I found Mascarenhas!

28th August 2012

It's nearing the end of the month and I am SO unhappy with my performance. I need to stop talking to people, going to the canteen for chai breaks and playing sports. Also one of my biggest enemies is the music industry and the internet. :( The only progress that happened last night is that I've finally found the right person to do Mascarenhas' voice!

My buddy Ishan Sadwelkar! Since he's from Film and Video, he did some really good voice acting. I think I make a decent job at being casting director as well. I was getting really worried about the dialogue shots.

Will start planning and animating it tomorrow. I really hope these go quick. I need a lot of acting help - all the help I can get, and I also need a voice for Mr. Postman! :( I am way past my deadline of finishing the animation. The whole day today got wasted in the ruddy MIT office, which passes you on from one person to the other like it's the indian government. It's corrupt and disorganized as hell. also my sleep and eating timings have become so erratic that it's starting to add on to the numerous things that affect the production of this movie. What a hell hole I've made for myself!

Anywhos, 'The Mailbox' production blog is the only thing motivating me to finish this film, along with the dream of even a small audience watching the screening of this film. Good luck to me! Adios and goodnight (I am trying to correct the sleep schedule now).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feeling fresh

Today is a brand new day. I never usually feel like that, considering my erratic sleep timings these days and a sincere lack of motivation. However after a good night's rest and a little reading and writing, I am ready to put in my 100% today. I started with a fresh cup of sweet chai and filled my water bottles so I don't feel drained. I feel like it's a bright day with possibilities of some good shots. I just hope I can use it well.

I'm glad I didn't decide to go out to buy my cycle today, I would've wasted a lot of time. The movie's bringing on a lot of pressure, and sometimes a lot of apathy towards the subject. I have 5 days to go for the end of the month and I promise to this blog that I will really really try my best to finish a trememdous amount of animation. Let's see how this goes. I will keep updating this post.

Here's my dedication to this post. 2 lame pictures taken from my lame laptop camera.

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