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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I found Mascarenhas!

28th August 2012

It's nearing the end of the month and I am SO unhappy with my performance. I need to stop talking to people, going to the canteen for chai breaks and playing sports. Also one of my biggest enemies is the music industry and the internet. :( The only progress that happened last night is that I've finally found the right person to do Mascarenhas' voice!

My buddy Ishan Sadwelkar! Since he's from Film and Video, he did some really good voice acting. I think I make a decent job at being casting director as well. I was getting really worried about the dialogue shots.

Will start planning and animating it tomorrow. I really hope these go quick. I need a lot of acting help - all the help I can get, and I also need a voice for Mr. Postman! :( I am way past my deadline of finishing the animation. The whole day today got wasted in the ruddy MIT office, which passes you on from one person to the other like it's the indian government. It's corrupt and disorganized as hell. also my sleep and eating timings have become so erratic that it's starting to add on to the numerous things that affect the production of this movie. What a hell hole I've made for myself!

Anywhos, 'The Mailbox' production blog is the only thing motivating me to finish this film, along with the dream of even a small audience watching the screening of this film. Good luck to me! Adios and goodnight (I am trying to correct the sleep schedule now).

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