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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Be the change

Posting a letter I wrote to Krithika about today. It was almost like a page out of my diary so I'd like to remember this. 

Hey eggs,

I was having a hard time these few days getting myself to work. But really, I need to stop giving excuses and just get my ass moving, because enough is enough. Today when I thought I was getting somewhere (I took time, but I made a nice painting for Atnovus), Alok gave me a huge talk because I was leaving early from college to sleep. I have been treating this like a vacation and I really need to stop it. 

I really really needed that scolding Alok gave me. For the amount of bitching we do about this college, we need to make up for in character and will power and the drive to give time and effort to my film. Like we did gestures in Sem 4, 5. Even when we were full after dinner, we'd slog and push ourselves to do gestures EVERYDAY. I really feel terrible and guilty and very very disappointed with myself, but I won't let this day go without making it count. So I am settling in the room. I'll work from here because its distracting in college. Maybe it's just another phase, but let's see how this works. I am gonna try to make every second count. No movies, no non-physical games, no Atnovus work after 5.30 no matter how much I'm done with. I'm gonna run like my ASS IS ON FIRE. 

Enough ramblings. Now back to work.

Lots of love,

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