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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

24th Dec 2012

My (sometimes) sweet firm Atnovus sent me this for Christmas :)
I had a really good day. I started off with Tennis and basketball, then a healthy mess breakfast, a good heavy lunch, worked hard for Atnovus (my Swiss firm) and had an amazing Chicken roast sizzler dinner at Jayshree with a couple of friends. We talked about various topics (the food took forever to come). From bargaining in different parts of the country, to awfully bad days, to our last internship at Studio Eeksaurus and many other things.

What got us there was a conversation with a mean little friend named Aakash back home, who was at the barber's getting a haircut when little kids came there to sing christmas carols and gave him a chocolate! Went the other way round! He painted a picture of how home would look (Goa). Panjim streets all lit up, lights hanging in trees, stars in verandas, kids singing carols, people making cribs and christmas trees, oh I was jealous. I am here, working on Christmas eve in college with practically 5 people throughout vacation in a strictly Hindu state where noone cares about Christmas. :( My mean friend Aakash doesn't care about that and goes on about how it looks at home. That led to Jayshree.

Later tonight we had drinks (yes Arvind, 'alcohol'.) Made sure noone caught us and watched Robin Williams' epic standup comedy. Finally sent my firm to work and FINALLY got a reply from SOMEONE I wanted a reply from. Avner Geller responded to my mail asking bout his work and Ringling. It's nice to know people exist! ;) That's about all. Tomorrow morning, tennis training with Micky, breakfast and Rise of the Guardians! Woohoo!! :D :D :D

Gnight guys, and hope the world is having a very merry christmas indeed! :)

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