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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gang-rape in the rape capital - delhi.

19th Dec 2012

A girl is brutally raped and her guy friend is beaten up badly for just being with her at night time. The girl defends her friend and fights back, so the bloody rapists want to 'teach her a lesson' and beat her with a iron rod for 90 minutes and rape her till she's unconscious, and they throw both the students out of the bus naked on the highway until the police arrive a few HOURS later.

I am always having frequent debates with male and female friends on whether Indian women are independent and free. Once again we are reminded how safe Indian women are and how men look at them in society. And the govt. is still deciding whether the rapists need a death sentence when their victim is on a ventilator in hospital. So, ladies, the govt. or the police don't want you to fight back. They want you to get raped and die. It's disgusting and no matter how much we talk about this, NOTHING is gonna be done, even if you, as a woman are paying taxes out of your hard earned money for better lit streets, for well policed roads and helplines, or for the politicians who take the call on whether the rapists will get a death penalty.

Wake up India. How many more women do you want to give up?

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