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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Grimy year old post!

29th March 2012

I found this super old post in my hard disk that I'd written as a sticky note. Just tells me how it was this time of the year, last year!

Today. Was very eventful indeed. I am now in the AC lab feeling a bit better, but - nature literally chose to attack me today. :( I feel terribly dirty. First the canteen fellow used the same cloth he used to wipe the window sill, the rust under the stove etc. to wipe the tawa that is used to cook the dosa on. And I actually ate it! I'm getting immune to the bad hygiene. These days I switch my brain off so I stop caring about whats being put in my mouth. Later today I played Frisbee and a fly went into my nose while I was running! And I tried to blow it out, but I dunno if it managed to escape what would seem like a tunnel of grime to the insect. Another one bit my lower right eyelid for some unknown reason and it started to sting! By now I was having a really hard time telling myself all this was a co-incidence. The dinner at the local dhaba came late, and then we went to get chai at Raj. On the way, we were showered with liquid - which turned out to be bird pee - I had white stains over my shampoo-conditioned hair and my clean clothes. By now I was green and puky at the thought of the days happenings and where all my hands and body had been. *Sigh* What a dirty day.

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